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Hottest College in America Gives You A Dozen Reasons To Turn The Calendar

Many years ago when I was a mere high school senior with no clue what the future held in store for me, I received some sage advice from a relative stranger that I met on the golf course.  This random dude just strolled onto the first tee, interrupting what I thought would be a routine round of 18 holes with my two buddies and totally changed our whole perspective on shit when he summed up college in a few simple words: “hook up with everything that moves, do not discriminate – hit ’em all: Black, White, Asian, Hispanic, Albino, whatever.”  Fortunately at some campuses, you can be a bit more selective because seemingly all the women are gorgeous, one such school is the University of Arizona.  We can all be grateful for the work put in by the good folks over at Hottest College in America as they have rolled out their inaugural high-fashion swimsuit calendar and the only thing more beautiful than the scenery are the gorgeous girls of each month.

Now that we’ve got your interest, check out the official lowdown on the Hottest College in America: University of Arizona calendar:

As another academic year is set to begin this month, Hottest College In America, LLC has released its first-ever high fashion swimsuit calendar featuring 12 students from the University of Arizona. The  student-run company, founded by University of Arizona student-entrepreneur Bryan Roy, will distribute the free publication (13,000 calendars) around campus beginning Aug. 16. Out-of-state fans can buy the calendar online at
The twelve women featured in the calendar were selected after Hottest College In America received hundreds of nominations on its website last fall for the 2010-2011 publication. In April, the Westward Look Resort hosted the eight-hour photo shoot — a day planned and produced entirely by UA students.
The women, ranging from sophomores to seniors of all different majors and hometowns, were provided designer swimsuits, accessories, hair stylists, makeup artists, photographers and round-trip party bus transportation from campus.

In order to distribute the calendar for free to students around campus, Hottest College In America offered advertising space to local and national companies relating to the college audience. Dozens of businesses have also accepted invites to become drop-off points so students can pick up the calendars for free. Distribution points can be found online at and will be staggered throughout the semester.
The calendar highlights Arizona’s unique desert landscape with some of the school’s natural beauty for a publication that has already engaged its diverse community.
While swimsuit calendars can sometimes carry a negative vibe, Roy said his company stuck to its roots of creativity, design and integrity to deliver a product unprecedented to campus life.
“It’s a very proud day not only for us involved with the publication but our entire community we’ve brought together,” Roy said. “Putting ourselves on the line with such an influential publication, it’s a major responsibility we’ve never taken lightly and I think that’s certainly evident in this professional final product. We’re excited to have positive momentum heading into this year as we continue to deliver unique content to our audience.”
Additionally in coordination with the calendar release, Hottest College In America has also launched its first clothing line. The online-exclusive store emphasizes the company’s creative designs and high quality.
If you have any interest in a lethally sexy combination of breathtaking landscapes and hot women, then check out and get your calendar while they are still in stock for just $6.  Keep your eyes open for more from Hottest College in America as they can be in your backyard shooting a calendar for the women of your school soon!
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