By: Jessica Sorentino (University of Delaware)

Ever go into your wallet thinking you still had that $20 you took out of the ATM two days ago and realized you had $7.27 left? Then you sit there and seriously try to remember what you did with the other $12.73?

“$4 went to Starbucks…maybe some went to Dunkin’ Donuts the day before…”

Coffee shops — chain and local — make a ton of money off of college students year round. As a college student, it’s one of your “necessities” as you’re walking to class or sitting in class or studying in the library. Coffee makes you feel awake. It keeps you warm (or cold, depending on what temperature you’re going for) and it really is not that expensive at all.

Coffee is a social outing as well. How many times have you asked, or have you been asked, “Wanna meet up and grab a coffee? Maybe catch up a bit before class?”

Keep meeting up before class or whenever it is you purchase that coffee daily and watch how fast your bank account dwindles. It’s one of those purchases you don’t realize significantly take away from your funds because it really costs only $2.59.

Believe me, I know how difficult it is to cut out that daily cup of coffee just to save some cash once your realize your checking account could be directly linked to ‘Dunkin’ Donuts.’ Yet there are some alternative ways to continue to indulge and not be screwed when the newest Ray-Bans come out that you thought you could afford until you gave enough money to Starbucks to open another shop.

I’m not going to suggest making coffee at home before you go to class because it just isn’t the same. Instead, I’m going to suggest the coffee fund. Kind of like a savings account just for your daily dose of caffeine. It’s cool because you can take all the money in the fund and buy yourself a gift card to your favorite coffee shop and always have money put aside to satisfy your caffeinated needs.

If it’s something you like, no need to cut it out, just don’t let it also control your bank account!

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