Is Adderall Cheating? Duke University Says Poppers Are Gaming The System


I don’t care if you’ve never even been within 5 feet of the mouth piece of a bong. Anyone who’s gotten halfway decent grades while taking 15 credits a semester has had Adderall in their blood stream. It probably wasn’t their Adderall and they probably illegally gave some business minded ADHD patient $5 for it, but come on, with 5 classes a semester and 5 finals within 4 classes of each other, how can anyone be expected to do well all-around. Well, Duke University, among others, just declared that if you take Adderall for a test, you’re not only breaking the law but cheating too. Is this cool?

barry bonds

As a former college student and former ilegal Adderall taker, I am actually really conflicted about this. The main reason is that over the past 5 years I have been one of those vehement indicters of performance enhancing drug users in Baseball in other sports. At times I have stated that I don’t think any user of HGH or Steriods should be elligible for the Hall of Fame (even those not proven to have taken them), I’ve openly declared my hatred for players on my own team (A-Rod, Giambi), and I’ve even wrote angry letters to various writers about my disdain for their “soft” stance on the issue. So here’s my question, to you and myself: is taking Adderall for a test similar at all to using Steroids to gain an athletic edge?

I was about to go on a diatribe about why the two are different, but to be honest, i don’t really know what to say. What do you think, Socialites? Can you prove my point for me? Best responses will be published.

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