MacBook or a PC Laptop? Which is Better for Students?

When deciding on which laptop you should bring to college with you, it’s important to think about your specific field of study. Some students will find that Windows PCs work best for their particular subject, while others will find that Macs are the best way to go. You have to understand what kind of work you are going to be completing on a computer before you can decide which one to get. Let’s take a look at which students should go with a Mac and which ones should go with Windows.


If you are going to college to become a writer of any kind, then you are definitely going to want to stick with a MacBook. The MacBook Air would actually be the best option because you will not need a lot of power behind your computer. The main reason that a MacBook is going to be a better option than a Windows laptop is the keyboard. Many writers have noticed that the keyboards on MacBooks are the best available because they do not bring any resistance to your fingers as you are typing. Many of the MacBook keyboards also light up at night, which means it will be easier to type in the dark. All of the software that you need to write and edit your papers will also be available on the operating system that comes with your MacBook.


Although MacBooks have been able to catch up with the Windows PC when it comes to programming, the fact of the matter is that it still makes sense to go with Windows if you are going to be a programmer. Most of the programs that you actually write are most likely going to be for Windows, so it makes sense to use the type of computer that you are writing for in the first place. You will be able to write software for basically any platform when you use a Windows PC laptop, and you will even be able to write apps for mobile platforms, such as Android. Apple definitely has a larger share of the overall market than they used to have, but the fact of the matter is that most people still use Windows. You will probably want to write apps for the most widely used computer platform in the world.


Artists of any kind are going to want to stick with a MacBook. Whether you are a musician, a graphic designer or a video editor, it always makes sense to stick with MacBooks when it comes to art. Many of the early adopters to MacBooks were actually artists because Apple has designed computers that fit the needs of an artist more than anyone else. If you are a musician, then you can actually get additional hardware, such as Pro Tools, to go along with your portable MacBook. Video editors should think about purchasing a MacBook Pro because this is the device that gives the most amount of power on the largest display.

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