Meatloaf’s YouTube Dump: Fourth Of July Special

It’s fourth of July weekend and I’m feeling kind of patriotic. What better way to show my appreciation for America than having a firework themed YouTube Dump. So enough of this intro paragraph click the more button, its the American thing to do.

Katy Perry Fireworks

She has them coming out from her boobs, God Bless America.

6,000 Pop Pop Fireworks

Making the gayest firework that much more cooler.

Is It A Good Idea To Microwave Fireworks?

Best YouTube Channel ever…

Firework Gone Wrong

I legitmately said “Ohh Shit,” When I first saw this.

California Grand Assembly 2011 – Firework Dance Skit

This video kept popping in every time I typed Fireworks… Katy Perry is everywhere.

Most Awesome – Fireworks Fails

I can smell the burning skin.

How To Break A Toilet

I love the smell of M-80’s and shit in the morning.



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