Moving from NYC to Paris: A Few Things You should know

When you speak with a Parisian or a New Yorker, you understand that there is a definite love vibe going on between the megacities. There are so many elements that are similar between them, such as the love for art, but also enough differences to attract someone from the other side to want to live there, in order to try something new. This article will try to enlighten anyone that would be thinking about such a move, by showing what they should expect to find in the European City of Light.

Eiffel Tower, Paris France

The Cost of Living

When you move to a new city, you have to take into account the cost of living in your new location. One of the most important elements to look into is the cost of real estate. Whether you want to buy or rent, it will still be a good indicator on what you will have to pay, in comparison to where you just left. In the case of Paris, the good news is that the average cost of a square meter is about 15 to 20 percent lower than in NYC. Naturally, the prices will vary greatly according to where you will stay in the city. You should expect prices to be at their highest in the 7th, 8th and 16th arrondissements, while you will pay the lowest in the 19th and 20th. The best way to find what you are looking for is to take one of the daily flights to Paris and spend a few days house hunting. Even if you don’t end up buying or renting, at least you will have a better idea of where you would like to live (or can afford to), once you get there.

In general, the cost of living in Paris is lower than in NYC. Some studies actually go as far as saying that it will cost you 75% more to enjoy New York City. But it mostly depends on what you buy on a regular basis. Some of the food products which are considered living necessities are maintained at a low cost by the French government, so that everyone can have access to it (bread, butter, milk,…). Therefore a New Yorker will certainly think that prices at the supermarket are “cheap,” after leaving such an expensive city. Having a car is not a necessity in Paris, as you can either walk from one point to another, rent a city bike to get to where you desire or use one of the most convenient subway networks in the world, with exits all around town. This will please NYC residents, who also love the fact that they can walk anywhere they want to go in their city.

The Entertainment

When you live in a central entertainment capital like NYC, it can be difficult to find a location that will keep you happy, when it is time to enjoy after-work life. However, Paris isn’t that bad, when you consider what it has to offer. Those worried about not going to the cinema anymore to see their favourite blockbusters can remain calm. In Paris, you can catch any movie in their original language, with French subtitles underneath. That is a major advantage that this city offers. In truth, French are crazy about films. They are one of the countries where cinemas are still popular.

But the real treat that a New Yorker will find in Paris, are the restaurants. French cuisine is unique. There is no competition when it comes to creating complex and tasteful dishes, from anywhere else in the world. They like food, so you will find plenty on your plate (although much less than in America, which you will be quite happy about after a while – especially once you get on the scale). You can try new stellar restaurants nightly if you want, but you can also choose to eat many other cuisines. When you do, make sure to try North African, which is a specialty in Paris.

If you miss Broadway, this may be a bit more complicated. But then again, you can always catch a New York – Paris flight, just to spend a weekend and see a few musicals while you are there. You certainly won’t find that in Paris. But as you learn to speak French, you will have a great number of theatre plays to choose from, featuring known French actors. And if you really need to scratch that itch, just take a train across the English Channel and you will find all that you need to satisfy that particular desire.

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