Packing Up and Heading To College? Some Things You Need First

Heading to college, especially if you’re younger or it’s your first time our on your own to this degree, is an extremely exciting adventure. It’s also one that comes with sticker shock, failure to pack appropriate items, and general confusion. There’s always a bit of a learning curve when it comes to knowing what to bring. So short checklists will help you out.

And a few things that you’ll find on all of these reminder lists include making sure that you buy a printer, get the right computer setup, bring storage boxes with you, buy your notebooks ahead of time, and get a handle on your general office supplies as well before making the journey to the new town.

Buy a Printer

There are two ways to turn in assignments in college. One way is electronically, which is how a lot of things are done these days – through email or by file transfer for example. But there are also going to be times when you have to turn physical copies of a project in, and that’s why you should buy a printer before you head to college, and have it on hand for the sake of convenience.

Get the Right Computer Setup

And creating the perfect computer setup is more important than ever when it comes to college life. You’ll immediately run into the PC vs. Mac argument, and both sides will violently defend their perspectives, but ultimately it is up to you, your work flow, and any required software you need to install to determine if you’re going to purchase an OS X system or the Windows variety. One reason to wait until you find out at least what classes you’re taking is the issue with necessary software, so be aware of that.

Storage Boxes Are a Necessity

And you can’t go wrong getting some storage boxes before you head out either. Get the big tub kind, and you can double them up as storage areas and also furniture. You’d be surprised how effective of a table they can be!

Don’t Forget Your Notebooks

It’s college, and that means you’ll be writing! So as you’re packing up and getting ready to go, find some notebooks that you absolutely love. Make them the right size, color, shape, texture – everything. Make it a joy to write in them, and that will help you with your homework motivation in the future.

Other General Office Supplies

And you’ll find that once you live in a college town, everything goes up in price, especially general office supplies. So stop somewhere cheap where you live and stock up on paper, pencils, and all of the other little things so that you don’t end up paying three times as much at your local campus store.

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