Please Don’t Wear a Hat to Your Interview

bad interview outfit

We’d all love to think we’re judged by our actual accomplishments, but anyone who has ever been employed for more than a week knows that’s not really true. According to Colleen Sabatino, our resident Intern Coach, up to one-third of the success you’re likely to have in business is dependent on your image.

So if you’re not sure what the dress rules are at the job you’re interviewing for, always err on the formal end of the what you think it might be. I once showed up to a Louisiana newsroom on a full-on European suit, and looked totally stupid next to the editor in jeans and a beaten-up T-shirt. But hey, I’d rather be laughed at than offend someone. And yes, I got the job.

That said, read some tips for men and women interviewing for a job or summer internship on the Eye of the Intern Blog!

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