Rage in Action: Come and See the Angriest Man in the World (Part I)

As we grow we all go through phases in our lives that are transient and can be reflected upon once we reach adulthood.  Whether it is the “terrible twos” where toddlers are a bigger pain in the ass than gas station toilet paper or the rebellious pubescent teen phase where the only behavior more frequent than lashing out again your parents is locking yourself in a room and beating the meat like it owes you money (sorry ladies, I’m sure you have your own ways to express your adolescent angst but I cannot speak for all of us here).  While these life stages do play an important role in shaping one’s character, they are – after all – stages and are meant to be passed through.  With that being said, some individuals experience growing pains and simply cannot mature into the next natural level of personal development – think of it as a pseudo Benjamin Button syndrome just without the rugged male exterior and all that weird cradle robbing sex with Cate Blanchett (it’s really nothing like this at all, I just collect royalties from the film for every time I mention the title in one of my articles).  I cannot find a better example of a boy stuck in a man’s body than the case of Stephen – the teen with a temper more volatile than Kirstie Alley’s appetite and a penchant for violence unlike anyone this side of Joe Pesci in (INSERT YOUR PREFERRED GANGSTER FILM HERE).  I implore you to read on to see just how, with a little help from his hilarious brother and his camera, Stephen transformed from a mere pissed off young man into a  mega pissed off Internet phenomenon.  Enjoy the rage…

A Star is Born – Stephen’s hilarious younger brother Jack catches his “coming out party” on tape and, 25 million hits later, the rest is history.

“Stop Betraying Me!” – Stephen clearly has some trust issues with an online video game teammate.

Stephen’s Sour16 – Now batting, number 666, the devil child – Stephen. Hide your jalopies.

Stephen Slaps Some Bass (Against the Concrete) – This apparently was Stephen’s tryout video for The Who. They decided to stick with Pete Townshend as the lead guitarist.

Stephen vs. The Shitty Microwave – Stephen has no patience when it comes to his “freakin’ turkey breast with freakin’ gravy.”

Hold your temper until Wednesday when The Campus Socialite will return with five more of Stephen’s angriest outbursts.  Until then, we encourage you to check out the work of Jack and Stephen at

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