Real Recognize Real: Interview With The Dudes from Comedy Central’s “Workaholics”

After college kids graduate, one of their main concerns is finding a well paying job. These three young best friends brought their college lifestyle with them to their workplace. I got to sit down and interview Comedy Central‘s new hit television show Workaholics own Blake Anderson, Adam Devine, Anders Holm, and director Kyle Newacheck. Read up after the jump and definitely make it a priority to watch Workaholics Wednesdays at 10:30 PM on Comedy Central!


Q: You guys have an amazing friendship and chemistry, which allows for the first season of the show to be great right from the beginning. How long have you guys known each other, and has it always been this easy to play off each other, or is it something that developed over time?

A: We know each other so well that we play off each other. We live together and see each other every day. We live by the model “real recognize real,” we are hip-hop and punk rock, we are Lil Wayne without selling millions of albums.”


Q: How did you guys start acting?

A: We started doing Internet comedy together like 5 years ago, including random sketches which formed Mail Order Comedy.


Q: I notice that your characters have the same names as your real life personalities. Where did you get the motivation for each one of your individual characters, and do they draw from your real life personalities?

Anders: Yea they are basically ourselves. I am uptight, Adam is crazy and Blake is weird. We make fun of each other and put it on page, which helps the improv get to the next level.


Q: Now I know you don’t want to ruin the surprise, but is there anything in particular you guys are looking forward to in season 1?

A: For the world to see the wizard rapping act. We have an album on iTunes that hasn’t got the proper attention it should. All the real kids should go out and buy Purple Magic.


Q: Most of our readers are college students who can relate to your characters desire to keep the party going well after college is over. What are some of your craziest college stories?

Kyle : In college I invented this cereal that’s called Milkarti. It when you mix Bacardi with milk and add cereal to it.”

Blake: Something I really miss is bear bong: hitting the funnel with 1 beer followed by 2 beers then 3 beers and by the time you got to 4 beers you would start barfing everywhere.

Adam: Housing beers, we need to get back into housing beers. I don’t know where I started drinking like a normal person. We need to get a case of Natty Light and get real weird in a garage.


Q: Any advice for college seniors looking for jobs?

Blake: Play songs with an acoustic guitar on YouTube and get tons of pussy.

Adam: Stay in school forever, don’t get a job yet. Stay in school for as long as you can.

Kyle: Lie on your application. Work in retail and enjoy the 50% discount, a store like Foot Locker.


Q: Your characters are notorious for their duel partying lifestyle. Did you guys partake in any special activities for 4/20?

Kyle: Smoked a ton of weed, like a regular day just more aggressive about smoking weed.

Anders: I drove for a hour to get a Italian beef sandwich and a hot dog.

Adam: Went golfing.


Q: Blake, Where can I get my hands on a bear coat like that?

Blake: Everybody’s asking me that, honestly there’s only one in existence. I guess you gotta skin a bear and make your own.


Q: Anything thing else you guys want the world to know?

A: Thanks for watching the show, party people. Sit down have a burrito, smoke a blunt and watch the show. Don’t forget to stay in school forever. And be sure to check out The Campus Socialite and Purple Magic by the Wizards on iTunes.

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