When you go to 7-11 for late night munchies, it’s a given that you mix slurpee flavors. What results is an amalgamation of flavor and color, a monster capable of inducing the worst of brainfreezes. But not all slurpee flavors go well together, and melted brown sugar drink is the worst thing you can possibly sip on. It’s with that in mind that 7-11 has come up with some futuristic devices that solve these problems: a dual-chambered cup that can hold two flavors separately, and a matching straw that allows you to drink each one separately; or flip a switch to find out what the flavors taste like together.  It’s stoner heaven. The cup and straw are going to be in your local 7-11 convenience store this June, just in time for the summer, so get toking in preparation for this momentous occasion, socialites!

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