Socialite Approved Releases (January 30th – February 3rd, 2012)


Music: The Asteroids Galaxy Tour – Out Of Frequency (1/31/2012)


This is a lesser known band in the Indie circuit which surprising considering them and their music were both featured in a couple of Heineken commercials last year (video above), the lead singer is pretty hot, and said music is flat out awesome. Out Of Frequency is the follow up to The Asteroids Galaxy Tour’s 1st album, Fruit, featuring singles like “Golden Age” and “Around The Bend.” You’ve heard them all, you just might not know it. No singles have been officially released off the new album, but it is set to go, and if it’s anything like Fruit, you’re going to want to check it out. This band is going places. Trust us on this.

Video Games: Soul Calibur V (1/31/2012)


I know it’s all about shooters and sports games in college, but I think it’s about time the fighting genre made a comeback. What better way to jumpstart things with another installment of one of the greatest fighting series in video game history. Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, and Tekken get all the lore, but Soul Calibur has always kept up with innovative weapon-based fighting, complete character and combo control, and real 3D fighting plains. Soul Calibur V doesn’t look like much has changed, and in the fighting genre, the less change the better. A few little tweaks, new features, new control, and we’re good. Check it out.

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