Staffing Challenges in 2022 That You May Not Know About

Despite the growing unemployment in different parts of the world, employers are still having difficulty locating, employing, and keeping hold of existing talent. This problem is so bad that many have resorted to hiring a company, such as Headhunters Houston to help them land skilled and competent staff. These problems started right after the coronavirus pandemic in 2020 and have remained rampant to this day.

As an employer, the only way to avoid recruitment challenges is to identify staffing challenges in 2022. Below is a look at the often overlooked recruitment challenges.

Remote Work

During the pre-COVID times, many organizations didn’t adopt remote working. But in today’s post-COVID world, this trend has seen a sharp increase initially necessitated by companies wanting to remain in operation due to government restrictions that limited movement.

After many months of working remotely, employees have become accustomed to this new working system due to its flexibility and general improvement in quality of life. As a result, many potential employees today demand to work remotely before accepting the working conditions. As an employer, this brings a challenge because remote working does have some challenges such as;

  • Communicating and collaboration among remote workers is usually a significant challenge. This can either be due to schedule management differences among your staff or time zone differences.
  • Reduced productivity among employees because many often struggle remaining focused while working from home. However, this varies from one employee to another, with the self-motivated, independent, proactive, and flexible staff being showing greater productivity. And to ensure the potential employee you hire possesses these qualities, you need to test their productivity outside your office to gauge how productive they can be.

Market Fragmentation

Another serious challenge you’ll face when sourcing for potential employees is market fragmentation. This issue is brought about due to the numerous tools and services available at your disposal that help you streamline the staffing process. Examples of options at your disposal include sponsored advertising, social media, agencies, aggregators, and job boards.

Determining which between these options is the right fit is often overwhelming. Because of this, it might take longer to fill the empty position due to a hard time determining the recruitment strategy that best works for you.

Talent Shortage

Finding talented staff to fill the open positions is another issue you’ll encounter during your recruitment process. Due to this, your company suffers reduced productivity, leading to significant revenue loss. This trend has been further caused by the coronavirus pandemic that resulted in employees having a shift in expectations, unlike in the past. For example, some people today believe they don’t want to live to work but rather work to live, hence having more time for hobbies or having fun with friends and family.

Vaccine Mandates

Job seekers usually have different values, and some are vehemently against the vaccine mandates placed by some employers. As a result, potential employees, even those who might be a perfect fit for your company, might decide not to accept your offer. This means you end up missing out on talented employees.


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