Stimulating Hair Growth With Regular Brushing

Your hair is your crowning glory. It doesn’t just sit on your head and help to regulate your body temperature and protect you from UV rays. Your hair also makes you look good and boosts your self-confidence. It’s an essential part of the way you look.

Unfortunately, hair can be damaged, and it will naturally thin over time However, that doesn’t mean you simply have to accept this. There are ways in which you can stimulate the growth and health of your hair, helping to keep your full head of hair into old age.

The good news is that you can stimulate hair growth simply by brushing it every day. However, you should note that while any brush will do, the Wet Brush is the best option. It glides through your hair easier and helps to distribute the oil and nutrients your hair needs.

It is important to note that regular brushing does not promote new hair growth. However, it does stimulate the growth of existing hair.

Hair Growth

Hairs grow from follicles on your head, it can take as long as seven years for the hair to fully grow. The follicles produce melanin which controls the color of your hair. As you age you produce less melanin and this causes your hair to start going gray.

When the hair has reached the end of its seven-year life it will fall out. It’s usually replaced with new hair but this doesn’t always happen, resulting in the thinning of hair and eventual baldness.

Your scalp produces oils that coat your hair, protecting it from the sun and helping it to retain moisture. Brushing pushes these oils down the length of your hair, ensuring it is all protected and nurtured. This helps your hair to stay healthy and encourages it to keep growing.

In addition, when you brush your hair the brush will gently touch your scalp. It should feel like a little massage. This encourages the flow of blood, oxygen, and nutrients to your hair, ensuring it has everything it needs to keep growing.

All you have to do is brush it regularly.

Hair Damage Is A Possibility

However, you should be aware that it is possible to damage your hair by brushing it too much or too harshly. The reason the wet brush is such a good idea is that it helps to spread the natural oils from your head and it glides through knots.

When you brush harshly, too often, or try to drag a brush through your knots, you are likely to damage the hair and even the follicle. This will increase the likelihood of hair thinning.

The secret is to brush just once or twice a day and to do it in sections. You should always hold your hair just above where you are brushing and start at the tips, working your way back to the roots.

Don’t forget, the right shampoo can also help to ensure your hair gets the nutrients it needs, assisting your daily brushing and helping you stimulate hair growth.

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