Take A Look Inside Red Bull’s Sick New Headquarters (Video)

Redbull New Headquarters / Sid Lee Architecture from ArchDaily on Vimeo.


If you told someone 20-years ago that a canned beverage that tastes like a mix of Kool-Aid and Bull Semen was going to replace coffee for an entire generation, they would have called you crazy. Go figure, because Red Bull, introduced here in the states in 1997, has absolutely killed it. Go to a 7-11 or a Planet Fitness and try not to spot a can within 2 minutes of entry.

The company is based in Amsterdam, and is apparently overflowing with cash, because they just built a state of the art facility that makes The Batcave look like it needs a renovation. Check out the video above and get taken for a tour of Red Bull, Amsterdam. Come for the movie theater conference room, stay for the full skate park.

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