By Tony Peralez and Ann Redus (UTSA)

Success and nothing less? You betcha!

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The Campus Socialite Party via the vivacious venue that is THE IVY Rooftop was vividly lit with a vernacular crowd that boasted of a UTSA signature, shrouded in veils of intoxicating hookah vapor chased by volumes of Y Vodka.

Cheesy I know, but adjectives that describe the atmosphere of the event with epitomic accuracy.  More pictures after the jump! So on a cool spring night in San Antonio, Texas, May 13th, 2010; Ann Redus, Tony Peralez, and The Campus Socialite threw a party that the SA college crowd will not forget. Friends, family, and strangers alike basked in the evening air both outdoors and indoors with the beats bumped by none other than the beautiful DJ Catwalk; San Antonio’s premier female artist. These elements combined laid the blueprints for a night of fortuitous twilight.

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The deck was packed with patrons who chased the night away with Y Vodka and billowing clouds of flavored smoke that spelled out Sultan Hookah Cafe, hosted by a premier bar staff compliments of Terrin Fuhrmann and the entire staff at IVY Rooftop. The only thing this party was lacking if anything were fireworks and free food (something to go for next time).

Clearly all the hard work and focus from all parties involved really proved to be successful. All visitors and participants could not have been in a better environment to enjoy their Thursday night lit with tones of white light peering from the giant signature tree that resides in the middle of the IVY patio.

In an attempt for gratuitous thanks that words cannot express, neither one of us nor The Campus Socialite could have made this evening a success without the committed efforts from all of our sponsors. All photos taken with expert precision were provided compliments of professional photographers Heather Harper and Jason Harari. An extra big tip of the hat goes out to all of our attendees. Whether you were there for a shot or for the entire party, thank you all for making it out and we’ll see you all again soon at our next shindig!

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