The Leaves are Turning and Fall Video Games are on the Way

By: Brandon Wolfson, The Campus Gamer

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Summer is over and the beaches are closed. You know what that means? It means its back to sitting on our fat asses eating pizza, drinking beer, smoking weed and most importantly playing video games. I like to call Fall “Video Game Season” because there seems to be a endless flow of games that are released for the next few months leading up to the holidays. Here is a short preview of what to expect on the retail shelves within the next few months on home video game consoles.

Metroid: Other M

Console: Wii

Release Date: 8/31

Metroid: Other M is the latest installment of the long running Nintendo series that made its debut on the NES. This sequel is being developed by Team Ninja, the developers of the popular Ninja Gaiden series. Team Ninja is bringing the series back to its side scrolling roots of Metroid and Super Metroid while keeping some elements of the recent Metroid Prime series intact such as first person aiming. Expect lots of exploration, lush and colorful visuals and massive boss battles when this hits stores next week.

Halo Reach

Console: Xbox 360

Release Date: 9/14

I am not a Halo guy by any means, but I do know that it is mega popular and will sell millions of copies. I also know that Halo Reach is a prequel to the ultra popular Halo series taking place before the first Halo game. While the famous green tin can Master Chief will not be playable, players will play as fellow Spartan warriors that resemble the Chief himself. The Campaign can be played with 4 players simultaneously over online and will have many of the modes that past Halo games have had such as fire fight mode and forge mode which allows players to build their very own multi player combat zones. This is also Bungies last Halo game before they move onto new projects so expect them to pour their harts into this game.FPS and Halo nuts can expect to get their hands on what could very well be the biggest game of the year in a few weeks.

Dead Rising 2

Console: Xbox 360/PS3

Release Date: 9/24

Back in 2006 players were treated to “Dawn of the Dead” simulator Dead Rising. Dead Rising is one of the most unique games that have come out in the past 4 years since its release because there is pretty much nothing else that is like it on the market. The save system and having to survive in the massive mall for 72 Hrs made the game worth playing through multiple times to gain EXP and extra moves for your character to use on the next play through to help you get all of the games multiple endings. The sequel ditches the mall and main character. Dead Rising 2 is not only restricted to a mall, but a city called Fortune City that resembles Las Vegas. Frank West is no longer the main character as players will control stuntman Chuck Green as he is on a mission to look for his missing daughter. Players can now combine items to make their own weapons for example combine a chainsaw with a motorcycle and Chuck will drive his bike through hordes of zombies with chainsaws sticking out of the bike for extra kills. Dead Rising should be a bloody good time for when it releases at the end of September.

Castlevania Lords of Shadow

Consoles: Xbox 360/PS3

Release Date: 10/5

Another NES 8bit era game is getting a sequel on home consoles. Along with Metroid, Castlevania was one of the most popular franchises on the NES. The goth style and Dracula hunting made it sort of a survival horror adventure game for its time. This next revision of the Castlevania story is being developed by Hideo Kojima, the creator of Metal Gear Solid. The game play resembles the ever so popular God of War series with its fluid combat, platforming and huge enemies. Since Kojima is overseeing this project expect a deep story, lots of exploration and addictive game play that. Looks like this will finally be a good 3D Castlevania game that fans have been waiting on.


Consoles: Xbox 360/PS3

Release Date: 10/19

For me personally, Vanquish is my most desired game to come out this year. Why? It is created by the mastermind who has created Resident Evil. Shinji Mikami. This is his first game since he left Capcom and has partnered with Platinum Games (Bayonetta, Okami,Devil May Cry). That right there is a perfect match for a great video game. Don’t let the look of Vanquish fool you, sure it does look like a regular dime a dozen space marine shooter, but trust me it is anything BUT that. For starters most games in the genre are more slow paces relying for the player to duck and cover from enemies. Vanquish encourages the players to go right into the action as the player has a jet fueled suit what boosts the pace of the fire fights. The battles are way over the top with enemies that range from regular humans to giant sized mecca’s. You can even hijack some of the mechs and use it as a weapon to destroy your enemies. Vanquish is looking to be the most stylistic shooter on the market just as Bayonetta is the most stylish action game on the market. Mikami revolutionized modern over the shoulder shooting mechanics found in Resident Evil 4 and is looking to do the same to stand out in this oversaturated genre. Look out for the demo next week and try the game out yourself.

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