Things to Do If the College Party Atmosphere is Getting You Into Trouble

College is known to be a time that is the highlight of a life. So much happens within that time period. You’re usually at an age where everything is taking off, you’re making big decisions about what you’re going to do for the rest of your life, you’re enjoying being out of your home town, and you have very high chances of meeting the love of your life and embarking on a journey that the two of you get to experience together for the rest of your days on earth.

Of course, things don’t always happen like that, but college is a thrilling time, nonetheless. In all the excitement, late night cramming, and parties that you go to during your college career, it’s important that you keep yourself in check so that you don’t get into trouble. If the party atmosphere is getting you into trouble, here are some things you should do:

Set Limits

Depending on the school that you go to, there could be a party happening every night regardless of the fact that everybody has class the next day to attend. Some universities have a track record for being party schools, so when you’re studying places, make sure you’re setting limits for yourself from the get go. Don’t allow yourself to party on school nights. If you must party on the weekends, be sure to only allow yourself a set number or drinks and say no to the drugs.

It’s better to be safe than to develop a habitual lifestyle where you’re going to have to start asking yourself questions having to do with addiction.

Move Off Campus

If setting limits isn’t doing the trick for you, it might be time to take a bit more drastic measures. Perhaps living on campus is presenting too much temptation. Your roommates are still partying hard and you’re invited to a party every day.

Despite having too much school work to get done and holding down a job to pay off loans and live day to day, it’s hard to say no. This might mean that you just have to make the move and get off of campus. You could always live close, but when you’re not surrounded by the atmosphere every second of every day, it might be easier to keep yourself out of trouble.

Move Into A Dry House

If moving off of campus doesn’t sound good to you, you could always move into a dry house. Every school usually has one of these. It’s full of the people who either don’t want to drink or do drugs, or they’re too busy focusing on what they’re actually at school for. These might be good people to be around anyway. They’ll keep you sober, they’ll encourage you to study, and you’ll get more out of your university days.