Throwback Thursdays: Doritos 3D, Vortex Football, and Bananas in Pajamas


This week’s Throwback Thursday is all over the place. I wanted to do something to celebrate the beginning of football season, but I couldn’t really think of any football-themed throwback TV shows. So you’ll have to deal with a fairly sporty snack, a great old school football toy, and…well…Bananas that ran around chasing teddy bears.


Doritos 3D


Doritos with depth! This was only one of the biggest failures in snacking history? Why? Well, I’m sure there are a plethora of reasons, but from personal experience I’d have to say that it was because they had only a fraction of the taste that normal 2-dimensional Doritos have, and have a tendency to turn into crumbs before you even pop the bag open (they were fragile). Thanks, but I’ll stick to normal Doritos.


Vortex Football


Hooray for John Elway! Vortex footballs came in a variety of types, and each one was cooler than the last. This commercial is for the “mega flight” model, but the most memorable version in my opinion was the one that whistled when you threw it. That high-pitched drone just never left my head. When you had a vortex, literally an aerodynamically correct football, you were the man, because you could throw that shit across the entire elementary school playground. Catching them was a different story…


Bananas in Pajamas


Wow, I totally forgot about how completely retarded this show was until I just took the time to watch some of it. While the intro might be a cartoon, the show itself consists of people in banana costumes, aptly named B1 and B2, chasing around teddy bears and wearing visors. I think the person who created this show seriously did way too much LSD. Plus, I didn’t realize they were British bananas…But wait, I’ve got a bonus video for you, so you can really grasp just how stupid the show actually was:


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