DISH network really knows good timing. They released this, a new portable antennae that’s perfect for tailgating, right in time for football season. This thing might look like it fell from space, but I assure you that it let’s you watch TV from the comfort of your folding chair, right next to your cooler and BBQ. Interested yet?

This weird box from futureland is not only one of the lowest-priced portable satellite antennas on the market but also one of the easiest to use. Weighing in at just 10 pounds, the Tailgater automatically locates satellite positions, which means that there’s no need for manual antenna adjustment. The Tailgater easily connects to a small, sleek DISH Network set-top box and TV. Within minutes, customers will be able to enjoy their favorite channels in high definition. Now where’s the outlet in my car? Oh yeah, you still have to buy a converter and destroy your battery. Sorry.

The Tailgater costs $350 and works with DISH Network’s ViP 211k (MSRP: $149) single-tuner HD receiver. For added flexibility, DISH Network offers customers a convenient solution that allows them to pay month-to-month for programming, ensuring they only pay for the service when in use. Current DISH Network customers can use their existing account to service the Tailgater system. So all you football fans out there: screw textbooks, buy one of these babies and enjoy the game from the parking lot.

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