Which VR System is Right For you? A Comparison of Upcoming VR Options

The conception of a virtual reality is over two-hundred years in the making, but it wasn’t until the late 1980s that it finally earned its name. The technology had been growing and evolving throughout the 1990s, but it would be 21st century gaming that would finally help virtual reality make its mark. Gamers everywhere have been dying to get inside the latest consoles, and now a hand full of tech companies, promising state-of-the-art virtual reality innovation, are lining up to take them there. 

Oculus Rift

First out of the gate and now owned by Facebook, the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset is already becoming a game-changer for the video game environment. The package comes complete with an Xbox controller, a sensor, a remote, and one game, but unfortunately you won’t be able to plug it into your Xbox. For now at least. For added control, users can opt for a pair of touch controllers, design to create a greater hands-on experience. The headset is powerful, which means you will need a high-end computer to handle it. However, if you’re like most serious gamers, who have dreamed of plunging into the virtual world, the prospect of the ultimate thrill ride will be worth the investment. 

Sony VR

Sony’s VR bundle is gearing up to launch gamers into its epic virtual environment, and as you might have expected, it is exclusive to the PlayStation 4. Sony invested extensive research into the design of its virtual reality headset, engineering it to slip on and off with ease, ensuring gamers will forfeit plenty of sleep for the chance to battle demons and blast enemy spacecraft. Sony has boasted an impressively high refresh rate, which means smoother motion and a less frustrating gaming experience. The PlayStation 4 is almost all but equipped to handle the VR headset’s performance requirements, however the company will need to developed new games, specific to the VR’s capabilities, in order to catch the Oculus, which has tons of compatible games already in circulation. 

Samsung VR

One of the most important features for the Samsung VR is the headset’s exclusivity to the Galaxy Smartphone. The setback, for some, is the phone upgrade, since it only works with the Galaxy Note 5, S6, S6 Edge, and the S6 Edge Plus. However, that means the need for computers and wires, for this Oculus powered headset, have been eradicated. It features a built-in camera that can be switched on and off, but doesn’t track movement like the HTC. You can play games using onboard controls or external game pad (sold separately), watch 360 degree movies, or just enjoy the scenery.  We’ll be testing all three options as soon as they’re released, and providing our opinions of each one. Stay tuned!

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