People say youth is wasted on the young.  To those people, I would argue wisdom, power and money are wasted on the old. Disclaimer: This is probably not a typical article you would read on this site, so if you were expecting “Morning Wood” or “Campus Diva,” this is a warning to click away.

Throughout our upbringing, we are taught how to function in society on the most basic and superficial of levels. In most cases, our college experience is the final tune-up in which our pipes are cleaned, our gears tested and our engines revved up before we’re let loose on life’s narrow and linear highways. You can pick a major, get a job and it’s smooth sailing from there…. or is it?

Why does it often take so much longer to figure out what really makes us happy? Yes, our values and moral codes are shaped in large part by our experiences and determined by the road-blocks that life throws our way. However, with the aggregate of philosophical and spiritual knowledge that has been amassed throughout time by so many great thinkers pass, can you not sit down in between a couple of shots and brews(or during) and ask yourself some of the fundamental questions now rather than later?

If you were transplanted to a place where no one knew you and you had to start over, what would you change about yourself? If your salary was cut in half, would you still show up to work or would you find another job? How much value do you place on spending time with friends and family vs. working extra hours to get a raise and promotion?

Everyone has an equilibrium for which they will be the happiest. The earlier you find that magical balance, the better off you and everyone around you will be; for they will be getting the best version of you. So get loaded, party hard, and do fun stuff, but also think about the person you want to be.