10 Ways to Keep Clean and Going Green

clean and green
Going green has become a way of life. Green living entails conserving fuel and energy, and making and using environmentally safe products.

A great place to start is with cleaning products and methods. Green cleaning products, containers, disposal methods, and homemade products can easily be incorporated into your daily routine. Not only are they good for the environment, they’re good for the safety of your children and pets as well.

Below are ten green ideas anyone can start using today.

1. Cleaning products are not created equal

There’s no need to suffer burning hands, dizziness, and shortness of breath after cleaning the bathroom. You might have a sparkling bathroom, but at what cost? Toxic compounds that can harm your health are not worth it.

2. Keep it simple

Home remedies often work just as well toxic and expensive cleaners. There are lots of jobs that can be tackled with the simple combination of baking soda and lemon juice. Seltzer water is an old party trick to get out stains. These tried and true old-school cleaning techniques have always been green.

3. In the bathroom

Seventh Generation has cleaning products for all areas of the home, and in the bathroom their green products cannot be beat. They have effective cleaning products for mirrors, surfaces, the shower, and toilet. Since this is commonly a bleach substitute, using it in the bathroom is an easy green switch.

4. In the kitchen

Although Mrs. Meyers has diversified to bathroom and hygiene products, their dish soaps and counter cleaners are wonderful in the kitchen. Great-smelling fresh products offer a wonderful change from counter tops that smell of bleach where you prepare food.

5. General clean-up

Life is messy. Carpets, pets, and clothes bear the brunt of day-to-day dirt buildup. Eco-Me is a great, creative all-purpose cleaning option that’s green. There are products for pets, kids, detergents, and carpets. You can even put together kits for your individual needs.

6. Leading products on the market

More and more familiar name brands are going green. Make sure to investigate these products at your local grocer and drugstore. If they’re not readily visible or available, inquire whether green products can be obtained. Many can be found online.

7. Microfibers

Sometimes it’s not what you clean with but how you clean. Microfibers are kind of like a super sponge that will clean with just water most of the time. Technology and science are coming out with products like these all the time, so think outside the box when it comes to cleaning.

8. Beauty and hygiene products

Green products are making their way into the mainstream with hair care, soaps, skin care, and even cosmetics. Vinegar and baking soda can do wonders for your hair. They’re a great solution for a clean fresh rejuvenated look.

9. Appliances to look for

What you clean in is as important as what you clean with. Bosch is a market leader in dishwashers and washing machines will clean your items without hurting the environment. For long-term green activity, Bosch is a great way to start cleaning.

10. Green containers: recycling matters

Green superstars remember how important packaging and recycling can be. Look for products that come in recycled materials or can be recycled or reused after using the green cleaning product inside.

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