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12 Days of Christmas – Dara Ettinger Jewelry and Bobble Babes

GrubLife 12 Days of Christmas

We all know it’s difficult finding fabulous jewelry that isn’t tacky – which is why we had to give away a piece from Dara Ettinger. Her jewelry is always chic and can make any casual outfit that much more dressy. For you guys, or for the girls who aren’t into jewelry, The Campus Socialite and GrubLife can order you something just as much fun, though in a different way. We are giving away Bobble Babes as well as a ring from Dara Ettinger, keep reading to find out how to win!

Dara Ettinger Jewelry

Dara Ettinger Jewelry

As I said before, it’s tough finding fabulous jewelry, especially if you’re into big rings and gems like I am. As Dara Ettinger puts it, this jewelry is her “modern interpretation of nature’s finest elements.” Each piece, whether they be earrings, rings, or necklaces, makes a bold statement, and is completely natural. Pieces are made from elements extracted from the earth, ranging from Quartz to Amethyst Turquoise, many of which are plated with copper or silver.

Dara Ettinger jewelry is meant to be bring a chic, sophisticated look to your everyday, casual wardrobe. The clustered rings make your fingers shine while the necklaces glam up your neckline. These precious designs are guaranteed to be unique and to create a fabulous balance of Fashion and Nature. While they may be somewhat pricey, we are offering you a ring to get your collection started for FREE.

Bobble Babes

Bobble Babes

Something slightly less sophisticated but just as classy is our other free offer: Bobble Babes. Bobble Babes is the perfect novelty gift for any fun-loving gentleman or lady. As their slogan goes: “Give her a wiggle, and watch them jiggle!” The Bobble Babe is not like any other traditional bobble head doll. The main distinction: her head doesn’t bobble, her chest does!

Bobble Babes offers Bottle Bras, Unusual Can coolers, hats, and golf club covers as well as the original Bobble Babe statuette. They spice up any desk or gathering and always make a great gift.

GrubLife and The Campus Socialite are offering you Bobble Babes and a ring from Dara Ettinger for Free this holiday season!  All you have to do is fill in the blank on the status of either GrubLife‘s or The Campus Socialite‘s fan pages on Facebook.

Here is the status for today:

“I dont want a lot for Christmas, I just need ___________.”

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