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12 Days of Christmas: Lace By Tanaya & KIMBO Tees

GrubLife 12 Days of Christmas

If you want a unique new look, The Campus Socialite and GrubLife are offering you just that this holiday season. A fabulous new line of accessories called Lace has been designed to add an original piece to every girl’s wardrobe, while cut and sew T-shirts by KIMBO add a new flavor to guy’s standard styles. Lucky for you, we’re giving away each of these items for FREE, so keep reading to find out how to win!

Lace by Tanaya

Lace by Tanaya

Lace by Tanaya is a new line of accessories that is unmatched in terms of uniqueness. This line of ear “laces” is so original that you are guaranteed to be the first of your friends with such a fabulous accessory. Lace is a new line of ear “laces” that connect from your ears and drape down your neck. It is basically a combination of earrings and necklaces, acting as a 2-in-1. In case you’re concerned of your ears ripping if the necklace part gets caught on something, don’t be. Its magnet technology will ensure no travesty can ever occur, while still being absolutely chic and fashionable.

Created by Tanaya Henry, this new line is in high demand throughout the fashion world due its glamorous appeal and detailing. These hand crafted pieces make that bold statement you’ve been searching for.


Kimbo Tees

KIMBO is an emerging clothing company that began as a sneaker customizing service and grew to include other types of clothing like unique hats and T-shirts. It offers a new style of clothing and customization, making every article unique and one of a kind. The founder, Kim Mesches, combines graphic styles, sleek designs, and unique fabrics to create an original graphic style of clothing.

Mesches has now made customized sneakers for celebrities such as Talib Kewli, Mos Def, and others, while his T-shirts has gained recognition from a variety of designers. KIMBO is currently expanding to incorporate a line of womenswear, working to fuse elegant designs with new graphics and textures.

GrubLife and The Campus Socialite are offering you Lace by Tanaya and KIMBO T-shirts for Free this holiday season!  All you have to do is fill in the blank on the status of either GrubLife‘s or The Campus Socialite‘s fan pages on Facebook.

Here is the status for today:

“He knows when you’re awake
He knows if you’ve been bad or good
So be ___________”

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