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5 Destinations To Head To In Order To Appreciate College Lifestyles

When it comes to choosing your next travel destination, one target that might tickle your fancy is to go to places where you can get the feel of different types of college lifestyles. There are party lifestyles, academic lifestyles, peculiar lifestyles, and lifestyles of the relaxed and beautiful – all contained within the ideas of various college campuses.

Five destinations in particular that you could consider might include heading to San Diego, Ann Arbor, the Harvard campus, New Orleans, or the infamous Reed College in Oregon. Each of these places is known for something distinct, so even if you aren’t going there as a student, going as a spectator can be fascinating.

San Diego

San Diego is one of the most beautiful cities in the U.S., and has several college campuses either in it or near it. Going to a resort in San Diego would be your first action, and from there you could check out the local undergraduate and community colleges, and then there are the places nearby in L.A. that are famous for their output of people into the film and recording industries.

Ann Arbor

If you’re a sports fan, particularly of college football, then visiting the University of Michigan campus and going to a college football game at the Big House is going to be an event of a lifetime. The energy there is spectacular, even regardless of who happens to be playing. The rest of the campus is pretty amazing as well, with all sort of mixing of academic and commercial buildings, leading to a really interesting experience just wandering around and people-watching.


For those who want to know what it feels like to be surrounding by some of the most intelligent people on the planet, a trip to Harvard in Massachusetts might be the ticket. The rest of the northeast would be just a hop away as well, allowing you to check out sites as varied as Boston and New York City. Popping though the Harvard campus itself however, is quite a trip through the history of academia.

New Orleans

For partying, there are very few places like New Orleans, and that goes with its student life straight down the ticket. Just make sure that you’re going during a time of year that won’t be too much for you. There are certain seasons where it’s good to appreciate the vibe, and then other seasons where it’s easy to get overwhelmed.

Reed College

Tucked away outside of the mainstream in Oregon is Reed College, made famous by some of the interlopers who have wandered through its campus over the years. Whereas the oddness of the campus itself isn’t quite for everyone, it will give you a glimpse into what seems to be a alternative reality for the students there.