Five Creative Things To Explore While You’re In College

creative in college

College is a time for learning and exploring, but it doesn’t always have to be about exploring drugs and alcohol or the opposite sex. While it may be your first time away from home, you want to do what you can to get the most out of your experience. That may mean you want to learn some new things, even things that might not be along the lines of your degree plan.

Use college as a time to learn and explore all of the creative and amazing things life has to offer. Instead of going to a party after class, start a sewing project. Instead of going on your third date of the week, stay home and work on some poetry.

Learn To Play An Instrument

Spend your time between classes working on guitar or ukulele lessons. These are both instruments that are very portable. Even if you aren’t going to school for music you can great benefit from learning to play.

Not only does music give you something creative to focus on, keeping your brain happy and active and not on thoughts of drugs and alcohol, but learning to play an instrument can even make you smarter. You might even do better in college!

Start Writing Creatively

You could take some time to hone your writing skills. You are going to be doing a lot of writing (or typing) for classes, so being good at it can be extremely beneficial. If you enjoy creative writing you may find yourself submitted poetry to literary magazines or working on the next best novel.

You could also use a love of writing as a way to make some extra money. There are plenty of websites online that pay writers, to write articles of all kinds.

Take An Art Class

Consider taking an art class, whether it’s offered through your college or it’s at a local gallery or library. You may find a love for a new medium even if you’re already into art. You could also learn some art techniques on your own. All you need is a laptop, YouTube, and some art supplies.

Start Taking Pictures

You could get into photography. If you’re like millions of other college students, you have a thing for taking selfies. Go beyond that and use your smartphone to take pictures of the quad. Get creative with anything, from nature to the stuff in your dorm room. You could make money on stock photographs if you really enjoy taking pictures.

Pick Up A Craft

You could start doing some crafting. If you get good at it, you could start selling your crafts, to fellow college students or even online. Pick up sewing, knitting, or even crocheting. You could even make your own clothes and be the talk of the campus!


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