Tips For Living With Your Parents While Going To School

living with your parents

Going to school is a time when you have to focus all of your energy on your studies and building a future for yourself.  Therefore it is not the easiest of times to have a full-time job which affords you the luxury of being able to cover costs like rent and living expenses. Therefore, living with your parents is something that a lot of students opt for.  Some of these people may have fantastic relationships with their parents while others aren’t so great.

For those of you that may not be best of friends with your parents, it is essential to try to maintain a peaceful atmosphere while you are living with them while you go to school.  It may be humbling and they may drive you crazy, but remember that it is a lot better than living in a shack with no groceries.  Many people would love to be in your position having to pay no rent and have a warm place to sleep and a full belly.  Here are some of the best tips for being able to make living with your parents work.

Be Respectful

Remember that your relationship with your parents has changed now that you are past the age of 18 That means no more expecting them to clean your room or do your laundry.  This also means you can’t fall into the same habits of expecting them to say yes when you want to borrow money or demand things from them.  You are no longer a child you are a legal adult.  Your parents should be seen as your gracious roommates rather than adults who are there to take care of you.

Remember to appreciate them and say thank you often.  This will go a long way and create a peaceful atmosphere rather than everyone feeling inconvenienced by the other.

Maintain Strong Communication

Try to make sure that you are all communicating your needs.  This means that you need, to be honest about what you are feeling and keep the lines of communication open about it.  Conversely, you also need to make sure that you are being receptive to their needs as well.

Contribute To The Household

Make sure that you aren’t just being a bum roommate.  Remember, since you aren’t a child anymore it should be expected of you to clean up after yourself and contribute to household duties like taking out the trash, cleaning bathrooms, or doing dishes.

By being an active member of things getting done you will be much less likely to create waves and won’t wear out your welcome sooner than later.  As long as you are an active and helpful member of the household you will be seen as an asset rather than a burden.


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