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SXSWThe SXSW Interactive trade show was truly mind blowing. Over the last several days here in Austin, TX., companies have been showcasing their latest and greatest gadgets. It’s truly exciting to see what the future holds.

1. Google Glass

Google X Labs presented their most anticipated product to date: Google Glass. Google’s digital eyewear is looking to blend the digital world into the physical environment. For example, Google demonstrated The New York Times application that present’s the top into the user’s field of vision and reads the content. There is a tremendous amount of potential surrounding this technology. Glass will be available to “Explores” as beta testers for Glass starting at $1,500.

2. Makerbot Digitizer

3D printing is emerging to be one of 2013’s biggest trends. Imagine ordering a new bracelet for you wrist. You can now go online download a template and directly print out the bracelet using a 3D printer.  The MarketBot is leading the way with a 3D consumer printer. This week MakerBot presented the MakerBot Digitizer. The Digitizer is a 3D scanner. This will allow users to scan objects in the real world and allows the user to print replications using their printer.

3. The Beam

The Beam is taking P2P video sharing to the next level. The Beam system allows users to interact with remote locations by coupling high-end video and audio with the freedom of motion to move about a space.

4. BlinkFX

BlinkFX is an innovative new patent pending entertainment system to better engage audiences at live events of all types.  BlinkFX incorporates the audience into the show through a variety of interactive light-up wristbands, lapel pins and lanyards that respond in synchronization with any content including music.

5. OpenPool

Open Pool is purely for entertainment purposes. Open Pool is an open source project powered by two Xbox Kinects and a single projector. The entertaining billiards table is best described an interactive light show. When the billiard balls are rolled, lights follow the trail to create disco like pattern on the green.



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