Graduation Gift Ideas


A graduation ceremony or commencement is a perfect time to honor someone important in your life. You can do that by giving them special gifts that represent how happy and proud you are of them.

Interestingly, the word commencement means “the time when something begins.” Whether it is graduation from high school, college, or even a master’s program, that someone close to your heart is about to face new beginnings and new opportunities.

Graduation serves a milestone as it reflects perseverance and hard work. So, students who are about to graduate deserve recognition. Before they enter their next journey, it’s a nice idea to give them graduation gifts.

In this post, you’ll get to know about graduation gift etiquette and various gift ideas.

When Are Graduation Gifts Appropriate?

As graduation season gets closer, don’t be surprised to receive a number of graduation announcements or graduation party invitations.

Receiving a graduation announcement or party invitation does not necessarily mean a gift is expected of you. Announcements are a way of sharing exciting news to everyone. While you are not obliged to send a gift, you may choose to do so.

In case you are invited to attend the commencement ceremony or graduation party, you have to bring a gift together with a graduation card. If you can’t make it to the ceremony or party, you may still be able to send your gift or card via mail.

Being invited to a graduation celebration means you are important to the host. Whether it’s a small or big gift, acknowledge that invitation with a gift.

If you are unsure which gift to send, consider the factors below:

  • Type of Graduation and the Degree of Achievement
  • Relationship with the Honoree
  • Needs of the Graduate

When Is the Best Time to Send Graduation Gifts?

Don’t worry about the time to send a graduation gift because there are no set rules for this. After receiving the announcement, you can send the gift anytime. Nevertheless, the sooner you send it, the better. In case you did not receive a graduation announcement or invitation, but you want to honor the accomplishments of the graduate, then feel free to send a gift.

What Are the Top Graduation Gift Ideas?

Now, it’s time to reveal the popular graduation gifts you can try. Considering the factors when choosing a graduation gift above, you can choose from the following gift ideas. Remember that no matter what the price or size of the gift is, it’s the thought of acknowledging the achievements of the graduate that really counts.

Flowers: Lei or Bouquet

Flowers also mean “to grow in a successful way.” That’s what makes them perfect graduation gifts.

Expensive gifts are not necessary as long as you want to let the graduate know how proud and happy you are. Traditionally, flowers serve as a gift to many of life’s celebrations and occasions. So, graduation celebrations are also a perfect time to splurge graduates with flowers.

Before the scheduled commencement ceremony, you can give a flower to the graduate in the form of a lei. In case you plan to give a flower after a ceremony, a bouquet of flowers is ideal. Whether you will be there in-person or not, beautiful bouquets are among the easiest ways to celebrate the graduate’s milestone.

When it comes to the variety of flowers, orchids, roses, and carnations are the top flower bouquets for graduation. You can also go for flowers that will match the colors of the school or the honoree’s favorite flowers. Besides, you can try flowers that are great for keepsakes. These flowers can be saved between the photo albums’ pages when dried.

Personalized Items

There are plenty of personalized gifts for graduation to choose from.

For high school graduates who are about to enter the college life and need to move away from their home to have a space of their own, you can give them a personalized gift that can make their dorm feel like home. As for the college graduates who are about to enter the working world, you can send them gifts that can remind them of the memories of their life as a student.

Photo albums can be a classic graduation gift, but its meaning remains incomparable. Since the graduates are going to make countless memories of their new adventures, you can help them keep track of them with a photo book. While they may have their photos on their smartphones or social media accounts, having a place for storing their favorite photos in printer form will be extra special.

Other than desk plaques, home decorating pieces, and custom photo books, you can try more personalized gifts like 3d crystal printing items. With 3d printing gift ideas, it’s a lot easier to keep the memories alive. You can go for 3d crystal picture cube, crystal portrait, wine stopper crystal, or 3d photo crystal key chains.


Another common graduation gift is money. Most graduates prefer money as a gift as they can use it in starting their next journey in life.

You may simply give cash ranging from $20-$100 if you are not too close to the graduate. If you have a close relationship with the graduate, then you can give a larger amount of monetary gifts.

You can add a creative touch with your cash, other than slipping the cash into the graduation card. You can try the following graduation money gift ideas:

  • Money bouquet (can be mixed with flowers)
  • Money lei
  • Money calendar (attach money to each month)
  • Money tree


When you want to send a practical or trendy graduation gift, make sure that the gift is useful to the honoree. Besides, it should represent sincerity and a heartfelt message of how happy you are for them. The gifts should remind them of the adventures and dreams that lie ahead.

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How to Economically Transform Your Home Office into a Recording Studio


Whether you are entering a video-conference, creating music, running a podcast or producing videos, having quality audio recording is essential for professionalism. Sounding crisp and clear makes the world of difference in keeping people’s attention to get your message across.

The first upgrade to your home office audio equipment should be a high-quality microphone.  One microphone that has proven to truly serve gaming, vocal recording, voice-over, streaming, voice recognition, YouTube video and Zoom meetings is TONOR’s TC-777 USB Microphone.

Installing the TONOR USB microphone is made easy with a driver-free and plug-and-play design. Plus the cardioid microphone capsule inside provides reliable and accurate pickup.

Getting set up is simple as well, just unfold the tripod stand and adjust the position of the pop filter to get started. The pop filter that comes with the USB microphone effectively eliminates the popping sounds caused by the impact of fast-moving air on the microphone during recorded speech and singing.

Once you have invested in a microphone, it is time to level up with an official microphone stand.

TONOR just came out with their, T20 Microphone Suspension Scissor Arm Stand, worthy of The Campus Socialite Stamp of Approval.

Coming in at 1.78 pounds, stretching 27.55 inches, capable of a 360 degree rotation and able to support a 3.96 pound mic with its steel frame, the T20 microphone arm stand transforms your home office into a recording studio. The microphone arm stand can clamp onto any desk allowing you to set up anywhere at home or in the field.

Having a professional  setup that the TONOR’s microphone and stand provides is a competitive advantage. For one, the stand makes you feel more professional, which will shine through your work. Secondly, when broadcasting live people will take you more professionally hence will feel more inclined to listen to your message. It is safe to say, the tangle and intangible benefits of a proper audio equipment is well worth the investment.

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Truck Mechanical Failure Accidents Raise Safety Concerns



Eighteen-wheelers are very large and dangerous vehicles, and they have the potential to cause shocking lethal auto accidents. Something as simple as a tire blowout can cause a truck driver to lose control and collide with other vehicles.

Objects or cargo from these large trucks can also come loose if not properly secured, and cause damage the truck driver may not even be aware of. When trucks get involved in an accident or experience mechanical failure, other people can suffer devastating consequences. You should learn more about these incidents so you’ll know how to protect yourself or get help if they occur.

Recent fatal truck accident in California

One of the most recent fatal semi accidents that made news headlines occurred in Los Angeles. A veteran LAPD officer with 10 years’ experience was driving with his rookie partner when their cruiser collided with a semi on a residential street.

The truck driver and rookie officer survived the crash with injuries, but the veteran officer did not. The cause of the accident was reported as mechanical failure on the part of the 18-wheeler, though police did not specify what kind of failure occurred.

What is known is that the police cruiser was crushed beyond repair, and the deceased officer’s partner was lucky to walk away with her life. This kind of accident is not uncommon; in fact, large truck accidents and malfunctions are one of the leading causes of auto accidents in the US.

Drive with caution

While you can’t control the vehicles around you, or how other drivers behave on the road, you can drive carefully to minimize incidents. Here are some safety tips for driving around semi trucks:

  • Stay visible

  • Give the space

  • Be extra careful in bad weather

  • Drive completely off the road when you pull over

Semis are very large, and have much larger blind spots and more difficulty braking than a car does. By maintaining a safe distance and always staying visible to the driver of a semi, you’ll keep yourself farther out of harm’s way.

If you need to pass a big truck, do it quickly and safely. Don’t linger alongside the truck, where the driver will have difficulty seeing you. Also, driving more carefully in bad weather is always a good practice, but especially near an 18-wheeler.

These tips can help you avoid incidents with these trucks as much as possible.

Seek legal assistance

One of the best ways to protect yourself when you have been involved in an accident involving a semi truck is to seek the help of an attorney. A majority of tractor-trailer accidents are the fault of the commercial driver, and that means you are probably entitled to compensation for the damage caused to your property, as well as any resulting medical bills.

Insurance companies can be difficult to work with, because they tend to offer you as little claim money as possible to maintain their profits. You may need to take the insurer to court to get fair payment, and maneuvering through the legal system can be difficult if you’re not experienced in these matters.

Hiring an attorney will ensure that you are properly represented in court, and raise your odds of obtaining fair compensation.

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What Your Kids Are Really Learning in College

Studying college

Studying college

College is a great place where students learn how to make it in the real world. They’re educated on their desired field of work and study, and they learn valuable lessons.

At least they’d better learn valuable lessons, for all the money you pay the university every semester!

What college is teaching your students is a question you might ask when you receive yet another text from your 20-year-old using the word “your/you’re” incorrectly. Maybe you wouldn’t be surprised to learn that college is not teaching exactly what you thought.

1. College teaches good eating habits

Actually, college doesn’t teach good eating habits. It teaches an eating lesson: You can’t eat whatever you want.

College students might think French fries, pizza, and beer are all they need to survive, but once they realize their clothes don’t fit anymore, they’ll understand that eating whatever you want is probably not the greatest idea.

2. Going to class does matter

Your kids will learn quickly that showing up and actually paying attention to lectures does matter. Even if mom and dad aren’t there to force them into going to class each morning, the drop in grades will teach them that they have to show up.

Getting notes from other students isn’t always a good idea; especially if your friends have the same idea as you about skipping class for an extra-long nap.

3. You have to stay motivated

Being in college means you’re no longer beneath the microscopic lens of your parents and teachers. Your professors don’t actually care whether you show up or not. They’re going about their life teaching the students who actually do care to learn something.

Your kids are learning quickly in college that they have to motivate themselves to be mature and responsible. It’s probably one of the best lessons they’ll learn, especially when they enter the real world and have to make a living of their own … unless they plan on hitting it big in the stock market, in which case they can retire after graduation.

It might not be exactly what you’re paying for each semester, but some of the lessons college teaches your kids aren’t so bad. They’re actually pretty useful. Besides, there are calculators and Google searches for most things your kids need to know.

The lessons they learn in college can’t be taught on the Internet or through a textbook. There’s no need to fear that they’re not taking anything away from their college experience.

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4 Ways to Be Classy on Campus


So you’re in college now, huh? Ready to be all grown up and professional yet? We hope not. Enjoy your time in college, and discover who you want to be!

But with that at the back of your mind, it’s helpful to have a few go-to tactics that you can practice for being classy and looking sophisticated, so you’re ready to make it a habit in the real world. And that real world, well, it’s coming sooner than you expect. So have some fun with playing at being classy now, while you still can!

Here’s four ways to be classy on campus.

1. Help

We’re not asking for help here; we’re asking you to help someone else. Specifically, think of ways to help people in ways that are chivalrous and classy. Some folks might argue that the code of chivalry is dying, or even long dead, but you can set an example that it’s not, and you can bet your fellow students will notice.

Who knows, maybe you’ll end up helping out someone who becomes your special someone, as a result. What are some examples of classy chivalry? Here are a few:

— Open a door for someone.

— Open a door for someone you’re not attracted to. More people will notice this one, and it’ll feel better.

— Always have an umbrella, and always offer it to someone else when it rains. You’ll get wet, but you’ll have a friend forever.

— Thank people with a firm handshake and a smile. This seems basic, yet too many people do neither.

2. Dress well, sometimes

You don’t have to dress up every day, but do it every once in a while. Especially on days when nobody else does. You’ll look real classy by contrast.

3. Volunteer to be a designated driver

Nothing says classy like being in control of yourself for an entire night, which is something not every college student can manage. When you give friends a ride home at 2 a.m., you’re earning great karma credits with them, and you’re looking (and being) classy.

4. When you’re not the driver, drink in a classy way

Whether it’s a fancy grown-up drink like a dirty martini, or a stainless steel bottle opener that’s quite a bit nicer than everyone else’s cheap keychain implement, there are all kinds of ways to be classy while you drink. Assuming you’re of legal age, of course!

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3 Traits of a Successful Online Trader

tcs trader

Trading is serious business. It can be difficult to know when to make the next move. Being a successful trader takes much experience and dedication. Just as with any beloved profession or avocation, trading requires a certain mindset — a certain type of skill.

There are three winning traits of a successful online trader, so study these carefully.

1. Always learning

To be a successful online trader, the key is to educate yourself. When you come to the point where you realize there is always something more to learn, then you are becoming a successful trader.

There are always new tactics and data, and tips to learn from others — and lessons from your failures, as well. Your ability to learn is also dependent on how much perseverance you can maintain. Having a mentor is one of the best ways to learn hands-on trading skills and develop a strategy for your passion of online trading.

2. A safety net

One very important trait of a successful online trader is having a back-up plan or risk management strategy. In case of losses, you have to know what to do.

Having a risk management plan doesn’t always involve knowing what to do after a loss; it also entails putting limits on trading where you see weaknesses in yourself. For instance, maintaining self-control, self-discipline, and being able to clear your mind, are ways of setting the stage for success.

Having the right attitude about online trading will prevent failures, thus preserving your position as an investor.

3. Natural instincts

To some extent, in order to become a successful online trader, it takes the right instincts. Whether we are born with the ability to trade effectively or we have studied the market for years, our instincts are an essential factor in our success.

Many traders know exactly when to buy and when to sell as if they can feel the future of the market. With experience or natural abilities, the market can become more easy to read. People with the instinct to trade appear to be natural winners, possessed of an uncanny amount of luck. They just seem to have the natural instincts to succeed.

So what are the traits of a successful online trader? To know the market, you must know your passions and abilities, and preserve an openness to learning new tactics. Never assume you have found the magic key to trading; the market is an ever-changing, ever-evolving entity.

Don’t stop learning as long as you live.

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Can’t Stop Watching Porn? 5 Steps to Control Porn Addiction

Keyboard with big highlighted SEX PORN button

Addiction is a scary word. No one wants to become the victim of addiction, and no one wants to find out that a loved one suffers from any form of addiction. While porn addiction might not seem as dangerous or harmful as addiction to alcohol or drugs, it does have its pitfalls and it can be dangerous.

Porn addiction can ruin your social life. It can ruin your family life, and it can adversely affect your work life. It can cause you to become reclusive and secretive, and it can force your family to stop trusting you and believing in you. If you think you suffer from porn addiction, it’s imperative for you to find a way to get the help you need to overcome this condition.

Focus on the consequences

The next time you want to indulge in a little pornography, stop and focus on the consequences of your actions. For example, how do you really feel once the initial excitement of looking at porn wears off? More than likely, you feel ashamed, embarrassed, and disgusted with yourself.

Before you turn on the computer or open a magazine, focus on that shame. If you need to, focus on the consequences of your family and friends finding out about your addiction and use that as the motivation you need to walk away and not look at porn.

Argue with yourself

It’s easy to tell yourself that what you’re doing is not dangerous because plenty of other people look at porn. However, what you really need to do is argue with that mentality. Remind yourself that plenty of people use drugs and drive under the influence of alcohol, but that doesn’t make it right.

Sometimes all you need is a reality check to help you remember that just because you’re not the only one doing it, it makes it right. Plenty of people commit property crimes or adultery, and harm themselves in other ways, and that doesn’t make any of it right.

Know your triggers

Take the time to make notes that document when you most feel like looking at pornography. Before long, you will begin to notice a pattern. Once you know your triggers, you can recognize them before they consume you and turn to an alternative method of action to help you deal with your emotions.

For example, if porn is something you want to look at most when you are stressed, then you need to find a new way to deal with the stress. When you begin to feel overwhelmed, do something productive such as heading to the gym or taking a yoga class.

Distract yourself

Instead of watching porn when you’re bored, find something more interesting to do. Go for a walk or call your friends and make a plan to go out. When you distract yourself from the release porn provides, you can find that release elsewhere. Distraction can make you forget that you even needed porn in the first place.

Get professional help

If you can’t break your own addiction, consider seeking professional help to overcome your porn addiction. Much like any other type of professional care, treatment can help you learn more about yourself and about how to overcome your addiction. It could be the catalyst that saves your family or job.

Porn addiction is very real. Just because it won’t kill your brain cells or cause you to lose control behind the wheel of the car due to a slower reaction time doesn’t mean it’s not dangerous. Porn can ruin your life. If you suffer from addiction to porn, it’s time to make yourself accountable for your actions and get some help.

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Highest Rated Mixed Drinks


Drinking takes up a good chunk of a student’s life.  You’re stressed out, wanna have a good time, hang out with your friends, and make some bad decisions, drinking just feels so right, shhhh, just let it happen.

But night after night, sometimes drinking can get focking boring!  Well don’t you fret, with these delicious mixed drinks; you’ll soon be on your way to debauchery!  Weeeee!

Sex on the Beach


2/3 oz. Schnapps, peach

1 1/3 oz. Vodka

1 1/3 oz. Cranberry Juice

1 1/3 oz. Orange Juice

Mixing Instructions:

Combine ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice. Shake and strain into a highball glass filled with ice.

 (don’t ask me, okay, this is just what came up on Google for “panty hamster”)

Panty Hamster


1 part Jägermeister

1 part Liqueur, melon

1 part Liqueur, raspberry

2 parts Cranberry Juice

Mixing Instructions:

Shake ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice. Strain into glass.

Dirty Bizzo


1 part Rum, coconut

1 part Schnapps, peach

1 part Tuaca

1 part Cranberry Juice

Mixing Instructions:

Shake ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice. Strain into glass.


Sex with the Bartender


1 1/2 oz. Rum, light

1 1/2 oz. Schnapps, strawberry

1 splash Cranberry Juice

Fill with Orange Juice

Mixing Instructions:

Mix everything together in glass with ice.


Electric Smurf


1 oz. Curacao, blue

1 oz. Rum, coconut

Fill with Pineapple Juice

Fill with Sprite

Mixing Instructions

Fill lower half of glass with ice cubes. Add rum and curacao. Fill glass half with pineapple juice, and half with Sprite. Stir slightly and serve.


(bet you’re paying attention now…you dirty bird…)

Sex with Jennifer


1 1/2 oz. Rum, coconut

1 oz. Triple Sec

1 1/2 oz. Vodka

1 dash Grenadine

Fill with Pineapple Juice

Mixing Instructions:

Mix in glass, drink fast.


Blonde Bimbo


1 part Rum, coconut

1 part Schnapps, peach

1 part Tuaca

1 part Pineapple Juice

Mixing Instructions:

Shake ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice. Strain into glass.


Wild Wet Dream


 1 part Curacao, blue

1 part Liqueur, melon

1 part Rum, coconut

3 parts Cranberry Juice

Mixing Instructions:

Add equal parts of alcohol over ice and fill glass with cranberry juice.




1 oz. Triple Sec (Cointreau)

1 oz. Vodka

1 oz. Lime Juice

1 wedge Lime

Mixing Instructions:

Shake ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice. Strain into a cocktail glass. Garnish with a lime wedge and a stir stick.

…and now for one of the highest rated mixed drinks…

…wait for it…

Tropical Hooter


1 oz. Liqueur, melon

1 oz. Rum, coconut (Malibu)

2 oz. Cranberry Juice

2 oz. Pineapple Juice

Mixing Instructions:

Mix ingredients over ice in glass. Shake if preferred.

And what kind of friend would I be if I didn’t recommend a demeaning shot for my fellow ladies?  WARNING: all boys will be coming to the yard to watch you take this shot.

Blow Job


3/4 oz. Irish Cream (Bailey’s)

3/4 oz. Kahlua

Top with Whipped cream

Mixing Instructions:

Combine Kahlua and Bailey’s in a shot glass, and top with a puff of whipped cream. It must be shot without using your hands!

I hope Jennifer’s ready…I’m gonna have so much sex with her this weekend.

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How to flirt: Guys



Okay boys, as a lady, I’m making it my duty to end all the pathetic pick-up lines (unless you’re Ryan Gosseling, then you can use any damn pick-up line you want), and set you straight.

First, I’m begging you to stop trying to get our attention by treating us like dogs.  Whistling, and screaming “eyyyy!” at us immediately makes our skin crawl.  Be genuine, and be a gentleman; just by doing those things alone you’ll have panties dropping in no time.  But there are other things you can do, and things to avoid when trying to pick-up on a chick.


Here are common attempts at picking-up women, why they don’t work, and what you should do instead:


1. You see a hottie out on the dance floor at the club.  You decide to say “hello” by surprise attacking her from behind by grinding your boner all over her ass.


This is wrong because if she didn’t have clothes on, this would be considered a rape which is typically frowned upon.


What you should do instead is:  Watch to see if she’s looking around at any other guys – if she is, she’s probably open to flirting, if she’s not and she’s surrounded by thirty girlfriends, it’s a girl’s night…don’t interrupt.  If she keeps glancing at you – score!  Go ask her if she wants to dance, or go dance near her and see if she gets closer.  If she says “yes,” follow her lead.


2. You’re out walking and see the woman of your dreams.  You awkwardly begin to follow her, and finally work up the nerve to curl your finger at her in the “come here” motion.


This is wrong because you look like a complete creep, and she fears being hacked up and stuffed inside your freezer.


What you should do instead:  It’s okay to follow for a little, but suck it up and say something.  I know it’s hard, but so is passing up the love of your life.  Confidence is so underrated.  You don’t have to be Rico Suave, but just talk to her; she’ll give you major points for having the balls.  Give it to her straight – “Hi, you’re very pretty, can I walk with you? /wanna grab some coffee? /go on a date some time?” try to plan something right away like ice cream or coffee, checking out a local park.  The sooner, the better, don’t give her time to talk herself out of anything.


3. You’re at a bar and spot someone you’d like to get to know.  You walk up loudly saying “heeeey! wnna takeashotsvitsmeh?” put your arm around her, order a shot and shove it at her.


This is wrong because this is what every single drunk guy does.  It’s like that annoying hum you hear in old buildings that you gradually become accustomed to.  By doing this, she won’t take you seriously, think you’re arrogant, and also think you wanna get her black-out drunk so you can date rape her.


What you should do instead: Play it cool, confidence is great, but tone it down, and definitely don’t touch.  Ask her what a good drink is; it’s a non-threatening question, and it opens up conversation since it’s a question.  Ask her if she needs another drink.  Be honest and tell her you’re new here and are trying to meet cool people.

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What to Expect From the Criminal Justice Process

no thumb

Nobody plans to get arrested, but it happens to people every day. A lot of them are very scared and uncertain about what’s going to happen; many of them don’t know what to expect of the criminal justice system. Here, in brief, are the main things you need to know about.

1. Miranda rights

Other than handcuffs, this might be the best-known step of the arrest process. These rights should be read to you by the officer that arrests you. They include your right to remain silent and your right to have an attorney.

2. Lawyer up

As stated in the Miranda rights, every American has the right to an attorney when arrested. But we all know that lawyers can be expensive, and not everyone can afford to pay one. That is why, if you cannot afford a lawyer, you will be appointed a public defender by the court system who will assist you with your case. You can, of course, waive your right to an attorney and represent yourself, but this is not a wise road for the average person to choose.

3. Arraignment

This is where the accused enters an official plea to the court: the options are guilty, not guilty, or no contest. If the accused enters a plea of guilty or no contest, he or she is immediately sent to a sentencing hearing to determine what punishment will be exacted for committing the crime. Most of the time, though, the accused enters a plea of not guilty.

4. Bail

Assuming you plead not guilty, bail is set next. Bail is money paid to the court to ensure that the accused will actually show up at future court hearings. Many people seek the services of a bail bondsman at this point — a person who puts up the money for the accused and makes sure the person attends the court dates.

5. Pre-trial

Most of the cases in California’s justice system are resolved at this stage. The process may include motions, negotiations, and plea bargains. Many people are sentenced at this point and don’t continue on.

6. Trial by jury

For suspects who go to a full trial, the attorneys will select jury members, offer opening statements, present evidence, and give closing arguments, after which the jury deliberates. The jury decides whether the accused is guilty or not guilty, and then, if the jury verdict is guilty, the sentencing follows.

7. Appeals

If found guilty, the accused may choose to appeal the ruling due to a mistrial (which can be argued for many reasons) and receive another trial with a different jury.

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