5 Steps to Hosting a Sophisticated Event While in College


The art of sophistication isn’t a topic often discussed at frat parties. However, there are plenty of students who love the appeal of sophisticated events, but may not have the resources or knowledge necessary to make it happen. If you’re one of those students looking to host a classy event, but aren’t sure how or where to begin, use these five tips to get you started.

1. Send Out Invitations; Don’t Use Posters

As you walk around campus, you’re surrounded by posters that advertise things from concerts to book clubs. They work extremely well for advertising those types of events. However, that’s not the best way to announce your sophisticated endeavor.

Instead, create custom invitations that exude refinement and set the mood for the event. If you have a hand for calligraphy, purchase some heavy stationary and matching envelopes and create a beautiful, handwritten invitation. If you don’t have that skill or don’t know how to use computer software to design an invitation, you don’t have to! You can go to any print shop or custom invitation center and work with their specialists to produce a chic invitation for your fancy party. If you tell them your price limit, they can work with you to create an invitation you love, without overspending.

2. Mandate a Dress Code

This article from Hobart’s Printing about the proper dress attire for events says, “With many guests being potentially unaware of this point of etiquette, you may feel it necessary to indicate appropriate dress on your invitation or reservation cards.” When you send an invitation, add an insert requesting that guests dress properly.

Your event doesn’t need to require tuxedos and cocktail dresses, but it should ask for a dress shirt, dinner jacket, and shined shoes for the men, and crisp pant suits or semi formal wear for women. A dress code will significantly improve the feel of your event. Even if your guests are casual college students, the dress code will make the event feel like a classy event with successful people.

3. Order Custom Decorations

Just because an event is sophisticated doesn’t mean that it needs to have only black and white decorations. As TJ Ross, of 43 Layers says, “Too many high-end events lack a personal touch. Customized décor items are the perfect way to add a flair of interest to an otherwise boring party, particularly for younger-aged guests.” Adding your own personal touch with customizations will exude personality while keeping things chic.

4. Offer Modern Food Dishes

The key to any party is having great food, and the best way to do this is with new or modern dishes. There’s no need to purchase caviar and snails if that’s not food you enjoy. However, look into including new dishes that are both delicious and visually appealing.

If you don’t think guests’ palettes will be at a refined enough level that they will enjoy some modern dishes, consider serving traditional college foods, but arranging them in attractive ways. For example, dip strawberries in dark chocolate and use edible paint to draw tuxedos on each, or serve salsa in a beautiful bowl surrounded by neatly layered chips.

5. Set Tables According to Etiquette

Brush up on your table etiquette and set the table accordingly. This involves making place settings and putting each utensil in the appropriate place. When you make your seating arrangements, be wary of the way different guests feel about each other. Nothing can ruin a sophisticated party faster than an immature brawl between two guests who can’t stand one another.

With a little attention to detail and the right tools, you can deliver a successful, classy party all your friends will be talking about.


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