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Freshman year, both girls and guys come to college with a similar goal – to get wasted and party. Then girls somehow manage to mature (or we at least think so), while the boys still “frat” it up with their brothers, competing for how many girls they can get with in a weekend. Once in a while, I guess, college guys can turn out to be all right…but that is once in a while. We all hope that the guy we hook up with in the bar will ask us to dinner but we subconsciously know the chances of that happening are slim to none. I’m just waiting for the day these guys decide to grow up. But until then they’re going to continue to drive me (and you) crazy as they replay their games over and over again. I REALLY JUST HATE WHEN COLLEGE GUYS…

Drink Their Way To Romance

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It’s a huge turn off when guys drink way too much and attempt to use their pathetic pick up lines. I personally would not call being completely intoxicated a state of mind for romance. We can all admit we’ve been just as drunk as the guys and fall for it, but when were not on their level it’s a whole different story. Listening to your inebriated crush go on and on how beautiful you look tonight is not exactly what you’re looking for when you’ve only had a drink or two.

Never Ask For Your Number

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Eyefuck you all semester in Anthropology, but yet never ask for your number. Okay yeah maybe were at fault too, we COULD potentially ask for the guy’s number, but come on: that’s supposed to be their responsibility. He needs to suck it up and come introduce himself. I guess until then he’ll continue to be known as the hot guy from Anthro.

Have One Goal In Mind


This is to invite you to their frat formal for the mere purpose of getting you beyond belligerent in order to take advantage of you. We have all been there freshman year (which in some way is acceptable?), making a complete idiot out of ourselves. These nights eventually make funny stories, but seriously why are these guys still trying to pull this shit junior year?

“Change” During Semester Abroad

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Everything seems perfect when you decide to spend your semester abroad in Paris with a guy you’ve loved since freshman year and mid-semester he starts asking you out on lavish dates, including dinner overlooking the Eiffel Tower. This all seems incredible at the time, but it’s actually all complete bullshit. When you’re back at college and he’s wasted explaining to you how in Paris he was just rolling with the “European Lifestyle” and it’s not the way he operates at school. Great Guy right?

Move On So Easily!


I most of all hate when you’ve been hooking up with a guy for a month or so and it seems like things may really be going somewhere. Then all of a sudden he pulls the “I’m really sorry I can’t do this right now” card without any explanation besides ignoring you for the next year. It’s just plain rude, but there’s nothing you can do about it because if you ask for an explanation it will look as if you cared, which is of course the last thing we would want a guy to think.


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