7 Subjects to Study to Land a Career as a Social Worker

Do you want to make this world a better place? With the shrinking employment sector and increasing health issues, everyone is showing concern for others. While some are making considerable donations to help people in need, others want to pursue social work as a career.

Although many individuals see it as a form of charity, social work is beyond offering monetary support. It focuses on helping people overcome challenges in their life. It could be combating poverty, addiction, disability, mental illnesses, or unemployment. Likewise, social work emphasizes social justice and equality to close for prejudice and discrimination. If you possess the enthusiasm to make a difference in others’ lives, consider becoming a social worker. The contentment and satisfaction you would get from this career are second to none. You would help community members learn new skills and embrace a proactive attitude. Besides this, you can become the voice of unheard people and help them get justice.

However, if you don’t know how to become a social worker, we have got you all covered. Here are seven subjects you should study to land a career as a social worker.

  • Law

Surprisingly enough, law plays a crucial role in social work practices. If you see from an ecological perspective, the legal system is a substantial part of a person’s social environment. Therefore, brush up on your legal knowledge to become a successful social worker. It would be best if you were well-informed about child protection laws, criminal injustice, and mental health to navigate your way through these systems effectively. Similarly, learn about organization-specific laws to stop worker exploitation and help them get fair compensation.

  • Psychology

The nature of psychology and social work is quite similar because both aim to help people in need. Psychology focuses on human behavior and examines how the human mind functions, assisting social workers in conducting psychosocial assessments. A thorough understanding of behavioral patterns can let you counsel people with mental health issues. You can help them overcome suicidal thoughts and substance abuse, pulling them towards a better life. Today, mental health is one of the most popular social work specializations because many people suffer from mental health problems. Therefore, don’t even think of skipping on this subject.

  • Health & Social Care

With rising health concerns, social workers can render their services in the healthcare sector. And to embark on this journey, you have to take health and social care as a subject. It will teach you about health problems people face and patient care protocols. You will also learn about different treatment and healthcare plans for patients. Thus, you can act as the patient’s advocate or advisor and ensure they are getting the best possible treatment. Additionally, you can also help people find the right medical care to recover from an illness or injury quickly.

  • Politics & Economics

Usually, people ignore social work’s political and economic nature. The ongoing societal challenges are changing the course of social work. Previously, workers had to fight against poverty, abuse, injustice, etc. Now they are looking after people’s health. Similarly, they invest more time to educate underprivileged children to let them cope in the digital era. Therefore, keeping up with politics and economics has become essential. It will help you apprehend the underlying social problems while gaining crucial economic know-how.

  • Childhood Studies

As a social worker, you will find yourself working with children. Likewise, you will support children suffering from abuse, bullying, and mental health issues. Here, taking childhood studies as a subject can be helpful. It will let you understand the early childhood development process and how it impacts behavior. You will also learn about things that affect children the most and educate parents about them. With all this knowledge, you can address sensitive issues like school truancy, teenage pregnancy, etc. You will also provide therapy and counseling to children, helping them cope with challenging situations.

  • Youth Studies

Today, young people experience different challenges in their everyday lives. Therefore, it is essential to learn about the youth as an idea across time, place, and community. It will help you identify and evaluate social constructs about young people. Similarly, you will know a range of youth work practices and professional spaces. The myriad of theories about cultural, sociological, and historical perspectives of youth will help you understand them better. Most importantly, you will engage and learn about the youth’s everyday lives to get an in-depth insight into their experiences.

  • Sociology

Undoubtedly, human behavior is quite complex, and to understand people better, you have to study sociology. It covers mind-blowing social theories that explain human behavior, social actions, and interactions. Likewise, it will help workers assess their assumptions and value judgments without discrimination. In short, the fact social work is about bringing a social change is why you have to study sociology. Besides this, it will help you write reports and justify your work backed with theories and research.

Wrap Up

Undoubtedly, there is nothing more rewarding than pursuing a career in social work, especially if you are passionate about helping others. After all, the contentment of seeing others smile because of you gives a feeling of fulfillment. If you know social work is your calling, start preparing for this career. Take up subjects and courses that can later help you in social work degree. You can explore childhood studies, law, psychology, and various other topics to excel in this field.

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