8 Things You Should Never Say to a College Senior

I generally try to avoid talking to irrational people at all costs.  Whether it be girls on their period, overweight friends who missed lunch, or any stoner who attempts to discuss the origin and meaning of the universe, I have zero interest in their cockamamie nonsense that is usually based purely on emotion and never on logic.  Unfortunately, I often find myself in situations where I am the shoulder to cry on because as hard as I come off on this blog (you know I’m the most badass dude this side of the Tab key), I rarely have the heart to just ignore people when they bitch and moan.  This time of the year, there seems to be one particularly depressed community – the graduating college senior classes.  Although they may be in for a major life transition from school into “the real world,” many seniors do not want to be reminded of the precious grains of sand rapidly passing through their hourglass of college debauchery.  We should all be grateful that the kind folks over at College Candy are equipped with the 8 Things You Should Never Say to a College Senior, so you can steer clear of any potential  bugouts from the elder statesmen on campus.

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