A Shot of Yager: Kicking N Streaming w/ Bryan Alvarez of – Strikeforce Grand Prix Preview


TONS of big MMA shows lately including tomorrow’s Strikeforce Grand Prix headlined by Werdum vs Overeem and to talk about all the happenings in the greatest sport in the world I am joined by our good friend Bryan Alvarez of Wrestling Observer. Bryan and I talk about the show tomorrow and why it hasn’t been getting the attention it deserves. We talk about whether UFC is just running too many damn shows lately and if fans are getting enough time to gain interest in any of their main events.

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As always I never let Bryan go without picking his brain about pro wrestling a bit as well so as talk about Tough Enough, why I have been seeing TNA billboards all over Stamford and how the WWE has been using past stars like Stone Cold and The Rock as part of their current product. Check out Bryan’s shows with Dave Meltzer over at, the best site on the net for news and thoughts on MMA and Pro Wrestling and be sure to follow Bryan on twitter @BryanAlvarez.

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