Achieve Baller Status With The Uber Car Service App

When it comes to getting a taxi in any of the great cities, we all know that they’re all over the place, but near impossible to find one when you actually need a ride. So you’ll walk for hours in the direction of where you want to end up, watching other people stealing the only available taxis from right under your nose, and when a taxi finally stops for you (when you’ve already walked half the distance), it’ll be some shitty, run-down piece of fuck. Sound familiar? Well, I think we’ve found the service to change all of that… and its name matches its level of awesome: Uber.

So picture this: you’re in Boston, you step out of the Fenway Park gates, and you realize you need to get across town, stat. You’re not alone though, because you finally got that hot piece of ass from the next dorm down to go on a date with you. You can’t just get in a regular old cab. You need to be picked up and chauffeured like the classy motherfucker you are at heart. You bust out your phone and use either the Android or iPhone app (you can also just text your location to a certain number), and if you’re lucky enough, you could be picked up in an Escalade, a stretch limo, or even by Rick Ross and his Maybach!

Well, maybe not Rick Ross, but it’s just as boss (pronounced: BAUCE). But anyway, what does your date see? She see’s this dude bust out his phone, press a few buttons, and a sweet-ass ride shows up to take you both wherever you need to go. You don’t even need cash! When you sign up, you put in your credit card and your ride is automatically charged, tip included. If that doesn’t get you a kiss and a blowjob at the front door, well, then we should all just give up now.

Besides Boston, Uber is also available in San Francisco/Palo Alto, New York City, Chicago, Seattle, and Washington D.C. So don’t wait on signing up, because you could be picking up your lunch, and all other basic human needs, in the most baller car ever.

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