Battlefield 1 or COD: Infinite Warfare – Which Will Be Better?

Battlefield 1 or COD: Infinite Warfare

E3 showcased a lot of games and opinions from gaming experts. Will gamers love the new games or will they hate them? A couple of big topics, as far as the games went, were Battlefield 1 and COD: Infinite Warfare.

As any gamer knows – or anyone who’s ever had any kind of relationship, for that matter – it’s exciting to wait for new games and the next versions of your favorite games. E3 2016 took a good look at Battlefield 1 and COD: Infinite Warfare and evaluated their strengths.

Here’s an overview of what you might have missed. Plus, a guess at which game may be better than the other.

Battlefield 1

When you watch actual gameplay footage of BattleField 1, you see footage that looks incredibly real. You almost feel like you’re watching a movie, which is the case with most games these days, whether they’re computer or console versions.

What’s one of the coolest things that Battlefield 1 has going for it? Instead of it being just a first person view of the scenario, you get more of an every angle view, which makes the experience feel much more immersive.

COD: Infinite Warfare

Call of Duty is a well-known name in the gaming world, but it seems like there are a lot of people who don’t like this gaming franchise:

It’s basically your classic, first person shooter game with awesome graphics. It might be the whole first person thing that people are bored with, as many gamers say the creators just continually recycle the last game.

Which One Will Be Better?

Well, to be honest, with COD having such a love/hate relationship with gamers, and Battlefield 1 being dubbed the new best game from EA and Dice, it makes sense that Battlefield 1 would be the better choice. While COD offers a more “out of this world” look with space stations and spaceships, Battlefield 1 offers a more grounded scenario.

Another deciding factor? It seems that the way the trailers were received says a lot about which game people want. The trailer for COD was one of the most hated gaming trailers of the year, while the one for Battlefield 1 was much better received.

It’s likely that there will still be plenty of gamers who will love Call of Duty, and the franchise will continue to be successful, but Battlefield 1 wins this competition.

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