Beer in Space: One Small Thirst For Man, One Giant First For Mankind

This might be one of the greatest things I’ve seen pop up on the Interwebs in a long time. Australian pub crawl pros Thirty Swagman are hard at work making the world’s first space beer a reality by 2013. You wanna get drunk in the outer atmosphere? Start saving up, it’s gonna cost you.

It’s time for a promo video:


Obviously, that didn’t give you much info as much as you would’ve liked; it just made you more pumped to shotgun a brew in space. So here’s what you need to know: You shell out $95k to hop aboard a space flight (or the slightly more affordable $10k for a zero gravity flight), which will take you to the Kármán line, the official height of space at 62 miles altitude, where you’ll be weightless for 5–10 minutes, taking in a dope view of Earth. While you’re up there, you’ll enjoy Vostok 4-Pines Stout, a beer specifically brewed for consumption in space.

Here’s some video footage of someone testing the beer in zero gravity:


When you come back down to the Earth, you’ll enjoy an awesome afterparty with the Thirsty Swagman crew. As a bonus, you get a custom video of your trip, a sweet Space Beer t-shirt, and an astronaut certificate. Of course, first you’ll have to prove that you’re healthy enough for space flight (which I assume you, as college students, are), and go through 2-3 days of astronaut training. Just warning you beforehand, so that you’re not surprised when you show up ready to party and are sideswiped by a physical examination and zero-g training.

So are you ready to down a brew and look down 300,000 feet at the surface of the Earth? Because writing this definitely got me excited to blow all of my life savings and student loan money just to enjoy a Beer in Space. Coming to a launchpad near you, hopefully by 2012/2013.

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