FDA Officially Approves Blowfish, The Ultimate Hangover Cure


So, I wrote an article a while back about 5 Hangover Cures You’ve Never Heard Of. I’ll admit, some of them were pretty impractical, and some probably weren’t as amazing as the internet might have made them out to be. Sorry dudes. Today though, I have for you a Hangover Cure that is not only the industry standard. It’s also highly portable, and as of today, FDA approved. It’s official. Blowfish (AKA The Silver Bullet) is officially America’s chosen Hangover remedy.

the hangover

The little pill is basically a whole bunch of popular Hangover remedies combined into one. It contains a gram of Aspirin, 120mg of caffeine, and 2 tablets of Antacid, so theoretically it will take care of your headache, your stomachache, and your drastically depleted energy supply all in one little pill. Frankly, I’m a little disappointed that it isn’t some confidential, magic chemical concoction that the world has never seen before. I’ve manually ingested that same combination on plenty of Saturday (Sunday, Friday, Monday, and Wednesday) afternoons. But if The Blowfish can save me time and energy, and it still gets rid of my hangover, then who am I to criticize?

hot girl hangover

It was a matter of time before scientists really cracked down and cured the hangover, once and for all. And although I haven’t personally tried The Blowfish, I love the name, I love the branding, and I have very little doubt that this could be the end of my drinking related troubles forever. It might not erase the public intoxication ticket or the iPhone photos of you tongue wrestling the local War Pig on the dance floor, but it might just give you the strength you need to fight another day. And to do it all over again.


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