Campus Diva Presents: An RA’s Guide To Surviving The Dorms

dorm room

Freshman year was scandalous to say the least. I loved living on my own with my friends, going shopping whenever I wanted and going out. However, I learned fast that there are challenges and consequences with the things that you do. Yeah, it’s all fun but you will learn fast that Mom and Dad are suddenly your best friends. Here are some things you think you know about, but really have no idea, you little innocent incoming freshmen.


poor college student

When I went to college I had about a grand saved up so I thought I was hot shit. Fact of the matter is no matter how much money you have, somehow and somewhere you will spend it. I bought a new wardrobe, books and items for my room. Inconveniently, there is a mall near my school…meaning my money didn’t last very long. For the past three years I’ve been in school, I had to continually ask my parents for money. Why? Same reason you’ll have to…because I overspend and then, of course there are bills to pay (forgot about those, right?).



Have you ever heard the phrase “freedom comes at a price?” Well, to some extent that might be true. Even though you don’t have to answer to your parents as often as before, you’re not fully in the clear from authority. Take me as an example. As an RA it is my job to enforce the rules and make sure everyone is safe. If someone oversteps the boundaries, they have to answer to me…then the building supervisor…and eventually it comes back down to your parents anyway. It’s a circle, people. Sometimes it is painful to be free of the rents but it’s not so bad if you get really good at not getting in trouble…or just not getting caught. Believe me, I know.

You’re not actually living on your own

the roomate

To this day, I consider being at school living on my own. But the fact is, we really aren’t living on our own. We still need help from our parents, we still go home every break and financially it isn’t possible to live away. I think sometimes we all forget that while we are on our way to a strong career, we haven’t graduated yet. The day that I officially move out of my parents’ house will be the day I consider myself independent. Just remember, you still need your parents…even if it’s just for their roof and money.

There are still consequences

campus police

Well I guess you can say that I learned this the hard way, but not matter what stupid thing you do, the consequences are harsher when you’re in college. In high school if you did something stupid, your parents were there for you. In college you can get anything from a slap on the wrist to put behind bars (I promise I wasn’t arrested, it’s just an example). I have seen some crazy things, and since you are all above the age of 18, you’re on your own in the eyes of punishment. In most cases, these are the situations that help us grow and mature. My advice would be to acknowledge there are consequences for everything you do, but don’t let these realizations stop you from living your life.

It’s College


I admit it. I was the freshman who walked in there thinking I knew it all..and, well, by the end of my first floor meeting I realized I really knew nothing. Don’t hate on your school for dumb things; there’s a reason for everything – I promise. Freshmen, don’t act like you know how it goes because you haven’t learned the ropes yet. College is the next chapter of your life and until you get there and experience it, you are no expert. You think that college is all about parties and fun…and it is, but you’ve got to realize all these other things as well.

A final piece offering I have is to take it slow and learn the ropes before you really grow up and move because believe you me, it will better prepare you. Oh, and so you know… and living away from your parents will actually make you closer to them!

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