Campus Of The Week: University of Colorado

By: Tyler R. Spaulding

With the final countdown to the semester currently underway the partying has been nonstop and my liver is definitely not to happy with me (although my dong definitely is). The weekend has once again come to an end, and usually I have at least a day or two to chill out, catch up on some shows and refuel for the stuff show of a week that is ahead. Thanks to stoners everywhere and April 20th falling on a Tuesday I am heading out to Colorado for Boulder’s famous 420. Whether you’re down with ripping some bong hits, blazing a joint to Bob Marley, or just sitting under a tree listening to the grass grow; April 20th marks a special day in your resined filled heart. If you think your campus lights it up the entire day, think again… you have never scene more stoners in your life than what will go down in Boulder on 420. The city and campus of CU turn into a scene straight out of Half Baked. However, instead of a few friends sitting around sharing a blunt watching cartoons…its 15,000 people tokin up and straight kickin it on campus.  No need to be freaked out about being stoned in public, the entire town is allowed to pass the dutchie today to their fellow neighbor on campus. Pack your stuff and bring an extra bag of cool ranch Doritos because this Campus Of The Week is guaranteed of the best days of the semester ….that is if you don’t forget about it an hour later.

You have to love the Universities stand point on getting high on campus today. One of my friends at CU sent me an email that went out this week saying On April 20, 2010, please do not participate in unlawful activity that devalues the reputation of your university and degree” , later warning students that individuals found “using marijuana” on their way to or from the 4/20 gathering — or elsewhere on the campus — could be ticketed. Listen I know everyone will be stoned out but the fact that the school is cool with everyone just baking out the entire Norlin’s Quad is pretty bad ass. I am going to put a petition in for CU to provide couches and snacks at next years 420 event. Going out for a day to Colorado and celebrating, basically legalizing pot, is as big of a stoner move as it gets. I mean I can guarantee more than half of the students attending will be rocking their favorite pair of sandals and some witty t-shirt related to weed (we get it your trying to tell the world your cool and smoke pot, don’t let it happen ever again…this is the only day it is some what exceptable to wear a shirt referencing weed). This day is all about chillin with your friends, enjoying the day, maybe talk about the universe and lighting up a fat one thanks to CU’s liberal ways. The town around Campus is awesome and a great spot to chill out throughout the day until it’s time to hit up the Norlin’s Quad. Boulder actually has one of the coolest Medicinal Marijuana stores around called The Greenest Green (2034 Pearl Street), if you somehow “find yourself” around Pearl St definitely stop by GG and check out what they have going on. The center of the Universe for weed lovers on April 20th is the Norlin’s Quad. Wait until the clock strikes 4:20pm and  a huge cheer goes throughout the crowd of over 10,000 people, instantly followed by an actual cloud of smoke hovering about everyone.

As the day comes to an end and all the stoners not from CU return to their mom’s basement, the best move for all you Campus Socialites would be to go take a power nap and obviously get food since your going to be ripped. A classic spot in Boulder is The Sink (1165 13th Street), and the Sinkburgers are sure to cure your munchie cravings to get you back on your feet for the night. Most of the true stoners wouldn’t make it out, but you are a Campus Socialite and no matter what day it is your always going to want to party (besides you can always end the night with a blunt at 4:20am). There are going to be live bands playing all over Boulder tonight, but the legit Boulder 420 after party is going down at The Lazy Dog (1346 Pearl Street). Protohype is performing all night long so the scene will be wild. After a long day of getting high and partying it up on Pearl Street (tough life I know), the best way to end the day is to bring back some chick from The Lazy Dog. You could actually drop that line you been using all semester “Let’s go back and smoke a blunt” and it just might work tonight.

Happy 420 to and be sure to check out my next Campus Of The Week for one of the biggest throw downs of the entire semester nationwide. If you think your school is holding a worthy Campus Of The Week, let me know and we could be knocking down the shots together before the year is over. In the inspiring words from Dr. Dre’s The Chronic 2001 “Smoke Weed Everyday”  and keep living the dream….

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