There can only be one winner… as in any cat fight (who will be triumphant – FIGHT)

King of the castle

How he got there no one knows but we do know not to move him. This tree is his castle and he shall defend it forever… or until it comes down in January.

Tree = punching bag

“If you meet a strange, large prickly object sniff it then attack it!” Wise words from this cat who doesn’t know whether to run away or keep boxing with this sapling.


The array of decorations on this tree seems to be too tempting for this moggy to resist! Who needs a scratching post when you’ve got a Christmas tree for entertainment?


This cat brings a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘fitting in’. Is it a bauble, is it some tinsel, no it’s a cat.

While the owners are away…

…The cats will play! This cat proves that the stealth approach is best – if you want to know how to stalk a Christmas tree then this training video is for you. Surely this tree could do with a guard dog?


These two Singapura cats decided it was best to proceed with caution when it came to meeting their Christmas tree for the first time.

The prey

Pouncing is all about targeting your prey and striking at the right time. The poor decoration which felt the wrath of this cat stood no chance.

Big cats vs trees


Leopards, tigers and lions play havoc with these pine trees! Who needs toys on Christmas morning when you get to play with the tree!

Hide and seek

Once your hiding place has been rumbled you’ve got two options; stay put and hope for the best or chance places. However, this tabby proves that space can be limited when you’re hiding in a slim Christmas tree.

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