Secret to Productivity: Take a Break

Let’s face it: You need to take a break. The average American works 9.2 hours a day, and only one in three surveyed say they take a lunch break. Most workers eat at their desks, or claim not to eat at all. And for the daily grind, microbreaks can go a long way. Taking a 15 second break every 10 minutes can reduce your fatigue by up to 50%. And short five-minute breaks taken often can improve your mental acuity, as well. And it’s not just mental fatigue that you have to watch out for: In a study of workers suffering from forearm, wrist, and elbow pain, a short break every hour eliminated hand pain.

Daily naps can also help improve your body and mind’s alertness. Studies show that a 40-minute cap nap improves alertness by an average of 34%. And don’t let a micromanaging boss get you down — a little distraction is great for you. If you spend less than 20% of your time surfing the Internet, you’ll be 9% more productive than your coworkers. And for those of us who are extremely pressed for time, the optimal break is six minutes for every 80 that you work. Even a two minute stretch break can recharge your brain and get your blood flowing. To relieve your eye strain, stare away from a screen for 20 seconds. There are many ways to relieve your stress, joints, and eyes during the work day. Work hard, break hard. It’s the name of the productivity game.

Take a Break!