Cerve-Cero Beer Mug for the Beer Pouring Challenged

Some people underestimate the art of a proper beer pour.  Any true collegiate alcoholic knows that some people simply cannot pour a beer.  You ask for a nice cold one but when you put it to your lips it’s filled with foam. The next thing you know there is white foam all over your face and all your friends are laughing at you because it looks like you just blew a dude.  One must take into consideration just who is about to pour them their beer and their level of beer pouring ability.

Well Campus Socialites across the globe, the Sinapsis Team has created a beer mug called Cerve-Cero that has the functionality to assist even the most disabled of beer pourers.  As you will see further from the pictures after the jump, these cups were made to sit normally while drinking, but then be laid to rest at an angle that creates the best opportunity for a successful pour.  A successful pour, by definition, is one with little foam and nice cold beer to the top of the mug instantly after the pour is completed.  How often have you seen some asshole finger blasting his cup trying to explain some dumbass trick he has to get rid of his foam, even though now his cup is full of germs.  Hopefully, if this new mug becomes a hit on college campuses, we will rid ourselves of the beer mug finger blaster forever and be left with pure beer in a nice new mug.

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