Chalk Up Another One for Timmy: Tebow Jerseys Fly Off the Shelves

By: Kevin Plaza

Well Mr. Tebow, after all the questions, all the hard work, all the criticisms, you have something else to smile about besides being drafted with the 25th pick in the NFL Draft by the Denver Broncos. Your freshly made number 15 Broncos jerseys are flying off the shelves. Whether its your Florida following that had loved and adored you for so long and thought of you basically as a Greek God, or your new followers, the Denver Bronco faithful, your jersey is the fastest selling rookie jersey of all time. Yea you Mr. Tebow. Faster then the record set by Marky Mark Sanchez with the Jets. 

But I ask every person that has bought a Tim Tebow jersey since he was drafted, why? Why pay money to buy a jersey of a third string quarterback? This guy won’t be a started for at least another 2 or 3 years, maybe even 4, if ever. So why do it, why not go out there and get a nice steak dinner, or better yet a old school John Elway jersey, at least that guy has proven something at the NFL level. Now I like the guy, he was great in college, and you can tell that by the way he leads and cares for his teammates that he will be embraced by the Broncos players and fans, but lets be realistic, one of Brady Quinn or Kyle Orton will be the starter, not Tebow. So why even do it? Save your money people, at least wait till he has thrown a pass in an NFL game.

I do apologize, readers of the Campus Socialite and beyond, I am going to answer my own question. When the Jets picked then nicknamed” Golden Boy” Chad Pennington, with the 18th pick in the 2000 NFL Draft, I like all you Tebow fans, rushed to the nearest Modell’s or online store and ordered my # 10 Pennington jersey. In my eyes he was hope, he was the future and I wanted apart of my teams, the New York Jets, turn around, and with this pick I thought the turnaround has started. It did, and this must be how Bronco fans feel about their new QB Tim Tebow, I understand they are 2 diff QB’s and circumstances, but maybe just maybe Tim Tebow is to them, what Chad Pennington was to me.

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