Dear Woman: An Open Letter, Funny or Die Style (Video)

funny or die dear woman

I will never, ever get bored of posting Funny or Die videos. Keep em coming dudes. Today’s video is something all us Socialites have wanted to do at some point; film a video letter to women everywhere. OK, you’ve probably never willingly written a letter to your mother, let alone women everywhere, but like everything Funny or Die does, it’s comic gold. The video is based on (subtly ripping on) the “Manifesto for Conscious Men,” which is just as funny; in an old people falling on roller skates kinda way. Funny or Die’s is Will Ferrell and Adam Scott’s typical brilliance, and also features Will Forte and Jon Daly among other celebrity cameos. Check out the video Socialites, re-post, and tell women everywhere how you feel about them. Hope they don’t throw high-heels at you.


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