Family Guy’s Seth MacFarlane Stars In First Movie Ted



The creator of the famous pop culture cartoon Family Guy, is taking his talents to the big screen (sorry not South Beach.) Seth MacFarlane is making his motion picture debut with the movie Ted. The trailer looks like a must see movie which opens July 13th. The main character is a Teddy Bear that comes to life after 25 years. The stuffed animal begins interfering in the relationship between actors Mark Wahlberg and the sexy Mila Kunis. Doesn’t Ted resemble one of MacFarlane’s other famous characters Brian? A talking animal voiced by the creator himself? Regardless, this talking animal isn’t living with the Griffins and is the result of a childhood wish. Ted is obnoxious, hysterical and smokes weed. We have a strong feeling this will be the movie event of the summer. Take a look at the sneak peak trailer.


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