Ferris Bueller 2? Is This Really Happening? (Video)


One of the most iconic movies for students of all time. Dude decides to cut school, has the craziest day of his life. What’s a better movie premise than that? No matter how far time goes, Ferris Bueller’s badass legacy will forever live on, even if 80’s film culture is something we’ve all tried very hard to phase out. So you can imagine everyone’s excitement when this video got released, subtly implying that, holy shit, they are planning to release a sequel. Am I dreaming?

The video was posted by a mysterious YouTube account called ChuckaChucka2012. The video is simple; A now 49-year-old Matthew Broderick wakes up in what looks like a hotel, opens his window to sunshine and says, “How can I handle work on a day like today?” Then, the date 2.5.12 flashes on the screen. The Super Bowl? What is going on here? Is there going to be a full trailer and a new, modern day Ferris Bueller movie? I don’t even know what to think.

ferris bueller

So my first impression is of course that I will wait online for tickets and see this movie the second it comes out. Who wouldn’t love to relive their childhood with a brand new Ferris Bueller? Then however, my thoughts slowly shifted into a long-growing disdain for Hollywood’s inability to come up with new movie concepts, and dependance on sequels and remakes for the rest of eternity. Come on, is there even the slightest chance they can match the original? You know what though? I can’t hate. They got me, because there is no chance I am not seeing this movie. Take my $10.75. I’ll same my hateful rants for another day.

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