Georgetown Hoyas Basketball Game in China Turns All-Out Brawl

via Sports Grid

Since offering up Star-Players like Yao Ming (chronic injuries aside) and graciously taking Stephon Marbury off our hands, China has been really coming up in the Basketball world. In the ever-expanding campaign to spread the Basketball Gospel throughout the world, the Georgetown Hoyas took a trip to China to play a friendly exhibition match against the Bayi Rockets. Anyone who’s seen Rocky 4 knows that friendly exhibition can turn not-so-friendly, very quickly. RIP Apollo.

According to a poster on HoyaTalk, the referees were doing everything in their power to make the game as lopsided as possible. Fouls were being called on The Hoyas on seemingly every drive and even the crowd (all Chinese i’m assuming) started to think it was ridiculous. Despicable as the thought may be, after the most recent Winter Olympics, I don’t think anyone should expect China to play fair.

Tensions were running high and eventually all hell broke loose. We just found the video footage and it is an all-out melee. Gotta cheer on the Hoyas for this one. We might be spreading the sport but we better not be getting kicked around by crooked referees and dirty players while doing so. If you’re a Hoyas fan, Basketball fan, or just in the mood for some chaos, check out the video above.

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