Getting Ready To Go To College? Accomodation Tips For Students

Congratulations on making it on your way to university! This is a major step in your life that you should be very proud about achieving. Undeniably, one of the most exciting things about going to the university is moving out of your parents’ home and in to your own dorm or apartment. For many, this is the very first taste of independence you’re going to have.

Finding the right student accommodation is one of the very first steps in settling down in your university life. This is your exposure to the great big world ahead of you. Although it might seem daunting, the reality is that students are often able to choose from different types of accommodation, and many of these are much more affordable than you might imagine!

The key is for you to learn how to find the best options. Along that line, you’ve come to the right place. Here you’ll get some of the best tips for you to end up with the best accommodation for your university life.

  1. Narrow Down Your Options Based On What Suits Your Budget

College accommodation doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive. With so many options now to choose from, you can’t turn a blind eye on the possibility of ending up with the accommodation type that suits your budget. Believe it or not, there’s an option for every budget size out there.

This is one of the most important considerations for you to factor in. Whether your parents are going to pay for your education in full plus your living expenses, or if, like most college students, you’re going to work part-time to afford paying for it.

Some of the most common types of accommodation options are:

  • Shared house with friends
  • Privately-owned apartment
  • University dormitory
  • Homestay

Choosing based on your budget is very important. Otherwise, this will only be an added stressor on your mind, on top of all the other pressures you’ll go through in college.

  1. Read Through The Reviews And Feedback

Reputable rental options will always be confident about the reviews and feedback they receive. Naturally, these college rental places will have an official website just like

When these feedback are given by students who have previously stayed in the accommodation, you can take their word for it. Check to see if there are any complaints, as this is a good way for you to feel whether or not the service offered is good or not.

  1. Select The One With Strong Internet Connection

Some student accommodations have built-in Internet connection, while others require that you install it yourself. Whatever your option, the point is it’s very important to select one that enables you to have a strong Internet connection. This isn’t the time for you to choose an off-grid property. There will be so much paperwork and research in college and that’s where the Internet will really play a big part.

Moreover, you need to have that security and safety of being able to do your homework and projects right inside your home. Otherwise, it can be expensive and dangerous in the long run to have to spend the late nights or wee hours of the morning at a café outside.

  1. Do A Thorough Research

Just as you thoroughly research through all your options of universities to attend, the same amount of effort should also be given to researching the different kinds of accommodations available to you.

For instance, by researching, you’ll have insights on the different facilities that are offered for each accommodation choice you may have in mind. Generally, you can narrow this down based on your preferences. Are you the type of person who needs to have their own shower? Or are you fine with sharing one with others? How many students are in the room? How many rooms are there in a floor?

Then, as you go through even more research, you can compare the facilities offered with those that you’re expected to use. If you’re on a budget, researching well is a great way to stay away from accommodation options that may have a lot of facilities that you may not even end up using. Why pay for these anyway?

Choosing your student accommodation is a big responsibility to complete, yes, but it doesn’t have to be the hardest. By taking the time to research and compare different accommodation options you’ll be able to find yourself in a safe environment with a room to sleep and study away from home.

  1. Weigh The Pros And Cons Of Every Option

When you consider the pros and cons of every property, you’ll find that there’s not one accommodation that anyone can ever consider to be the best. Remember that “best” is always subjective, depending on the student living in it. Each person has their own set of preferences that must be taken into consideration. So, you must also take the time to think of the advantages and disadvantages of each option.

Going through this step can help increase the likelihood of you landing the accommodation that’s perfect for you. Don’t rush into a decision, especially if you know you still have time.

  1. Emphasize On The Location

The location of the various types of accommodation you’re after is also very important to consider. Remember that you’re going to live in it for no other more pressing purpose than to study. So at the very least, your chosen accommodation should be very near your school’s location. If living inside the university isn’t your thing, at least don’t choose one that’s too far. Otherwise, the expenses of having to travel back and forth your home and the school can add up.

Apart from proximity to the university, you’ve also got to choose one that has easy access to establishments you may have to frequent. These would include supermarkets, pharmacies, coffee shops, restaurants and a library.

  1. Stay Organized

Staying organized is another very important tip that you have to do. You don’t want to risk the possibility of losing the chance of making it in the accommodation you truly want to live in because you submitted the requirements too late. Once you’ve narrowed down your options to at most three, start putting together all the necessary documents.

Remember that most applications have to be filed at least six months before the new school year opens, especially if you’re choosing one that’s high in demand. Many also go through a reservation system. When you’re organized, this ensures that you’re on top of things, including your reservation fees, and advanced deposit payments so you won’t lose your slot.

  1. Always Remember: Safety Is Key

Among all of the stressors that you’ll already be going through in college, the last thing you’d want is for you to have difficulty sleeping at night because you worry about your safety. While the city or state you may be in can be relatively considered safe, this doesn’t necessarily exempt you from the possibility of falling victim to a crime.

Student accommodations are very hot with robbers because of the high potential of valuables the students have. This would include expensive gadgets, among others. So, as you go through all of your options, always judge each of them according to the safety features in place.

  1. Always Read Through The Fine Print Of The Contract

When you’re choosing a student accommodation, the goal should be to find one that you’ll be happy living in for the rest of your university life. Don’t think temporarily. It’s going to be stressful to have to move from one accommodation to another.

Hence, you must read through the contract very carefully. Don’t forget to go through the fine print. There may be some points included in the contract that you could have skipped, but that make a great deal as to what you’re bound to, when you sign it.

This is a big commitment, so don’t rush the contract and sign it immediately without even reading it thoroughly.

  1. Get A Feel Of The Staff’s Hospitality

Because your university accommodation is going to be your home away from home, another aspect that you should also be very particular about is whether or not the staff is hospitable. This would include your landlord. Remember that these are the people you’re going to be dealing with regularly, and the last thing that you want is to have a landlord that’s very difficult to deal with.

Your comfort and pleasant experience in the place you live in can be improved when you’re facing good-hearted and pleasing individuals.


When you’re off to college, it’s given that you’re going to be faced with a lot of questions. Among the most important ones is the matter of where you’re going to live. You’ll spend four years or so of your adult and independent life at the university, so you must choose an accommodation type that you’ll be happy to live in.


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